Squadron Leader Jayasimha, The President, Indian Memory Sports Council announced that the 14th Indian National Memory Championship-2023 will take place on 1st October 2023 (Sunday) in Bengaluru (India).

The 14th Indian National Open Memory Championship 2023 is a one-day competition where Memory athletes from all over India will participate. Prominent guests & Media personnel are likely to attend the opening and closing ceremony.

The venue of the competition is Golden Metro Hotel, Platform Road, Near Apollo Hospital, V V Giri Colony, Sheshadripuram, Bengaluru.



Categories :

The Indian Open National Memory Championship- 2023 will be organized under the following categories :


Kids :     Age 12 years or under. Born in 2012 or after

Junior : Age 13 to 17 years : Born 2007 – 2011

Adults : Age 18 to 59 years : Born 1965 – 2006

Senior : Age 60 years and above : Born in 1964 and before


Disciplines :

There will be overall 10 disciplines for winning the Memory Championships:


1. Memorising Names and Faces

2. Memorising Binary Numbers

3. Memorising Random Numbers

4. Memorising Abstract Images

5. Memorising Speed Numbers

6. Memorising Historic / Future Dates

7. Memorising Random Playing Cards

8. Memorising Random Words

9. Memorising Spoken Numbers

10. Memorising Speed Cards


There will be marks allotted for each discipline. The Memory Athlete with the highest overall score of these 10 disciplines will be declared as the Indian Memory Champion.

The Highlights of the 14th Indian National Open Memory Championship 2023:


·      The Winner of National Memory Championship-2023 will be awarded the title, “Indian National Memory Champion – 2023”.


·       There is a prize money of Rs 2,10,000/- allocated for the overall top three winners. The Overall topper will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 50,000/-, the First Runner up would get Rs 25,000/- and the Second Runner up would get Rs 15,000/-.


·      In each category – Kids, Juniors, Adults and Senior categories – the winner will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 15,000/-, the first runner up Rs 10,000/- and the Second Runner up would be awarded Rs 5,000/-


·      “Certificate of Participation” in National Memory Championship -2023 will be awarded to all the contestants. 


·      The contestants would be awarded World Memory Rankings depending on their performance and participation in the Indian Memory Championship is mandatory to compete at the World Memory Championship 2023.


·      All the Members of Indian Memory Sports Council and various Indian state presidents and Memory trainers, coaches and parents will be present on the occasion.


·      The participants will get to meet, interact and learn from the best Memory athletes from India and abroad.


Registration :

Who can Participate & How to Register?

The championship is open-to-all Indian and Foreign Nationals to compete in the Kids, Junior, Adult and Senior Category. The Championship Registration fee is Rs 6,000/- (plus GST as applicable) = Rs 7,080/-.


For Registration : (Click the Link Below)

Payment Link : https://rzp.io/l/IMC2023Registration


Any Queries regarding participation, training and any other assistance, contact Squadron Leader Jayasimha at +919866018989 or mail us at  visionjay@gmail.com  visit us at ww.jayasimha.in

Registration is on first come – first serve basis. 

Squadron Leader Jayasimha
President World Memory Sports Council for India
Multiple Guinness World Record Holder
Jayasimha Mind Education
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