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The 4th Arabian Memory Championship 2015, was held in Marrakech (Morocco) the 26th 27th December 2015, With the participation of 105 competitors from 8 Arab countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Mauritania, Syria, Libya). This Arabian Championship was the biggest in participation and the best in organization and the most powerful in results since the founding in 2012.

Because of the visa problem to enter Morocco for our competitors from Yemen, Iraq, Palestine and Libya, we have organized a parallel Championship held in Algeria with the same tests at the same time very carefully, Managed by our Team work in Algeria under the supervision of the Level 2 Arbiter Ahmed Lamine Chala with the participation of 13 competitors from Libya. The Championship was in a good level of organization and the results were announced in Morocco and Algeria at the same time in high level of organization and the competitors satisfied, On the evening of 27th the participants were honored.

Concerning the composition of the competitors were as follows 56 Female and 49 Male, 71 Adults, 20 juniors and 14 Kids, 61 competitors participated in Championships before and 44 new competitors.

The Results were excellent; we have new Arab records as follows:

Adults: 4 new records (Random words, Speed Numbers, Abstract images, Speed Cards)

Juniors: 3 new records (Random Cards, Speed Numbers, Spoken Numbers)

Kids: 7 new records (Random words, Binary Digits, Names & Faces, Random Numbers, Speed Numbers, Historic Dates, Spoken Numbers)

Results for Adults as Follows (10 Disciplines):

1st rank: Yahia Nasreddine RASSINE – Algeria (5417 points)

2nd rank: Abdelkader FACI – Algeria (3046 points)

3rd rank: Fatima Zahra MAHYAOUI – Morocco (2592 points)

Results for Juniors as Follows(10 Disciplines):

1st rank: Ahmed Abdelhafidh EBSHEESH– Libya (2580 points)

2nd rank: Mohammed Omar EBSHISH– Libya (2006 points)

3rd rank: Mehdi BENJELLOUN– Morocco (1982 points)

Results for Kids as Follows(10 Disciplines):

1st rank: Eya TAYARI– Tunisia (1548 points)

2nd rank: Wael KACEM– Tunisia (1135 points)

3rd rank: Mayess SLAMA– Tunisia (1006 points)

Ranking of the Arab countries participate in this Championship were as follows (11 Disciplines):

Algeria: 10977 points

Morocco: 7876 points

Libya: 7795 points

Tunisia: 7351 points

Sudan: 4566 points

Egypt: 1319 points

Mauritania : 708 points

Syria : 120 points

The next Arabian Memory Championships will be in Algeria, and it will be international standards.

Riadh Bensaoucha

Management Department, Mohamed Khider University

Founder of Arabian Memory Championship Fondation

President of Arabic Memory Sports Council


The results of the 3rd Algerian Memory Championships are now available

There were 24 competitors including 3 juniors.
6 women competed and 18 men.

Ms Meryem Yezza won the event with a score of 4226
and set five Algerian records and five personal bests

2 Amir Khaled LOUAAR 3064
3 Yahia Nasreddine RASSINE 2841

Meryem equalled her own Algerian Record for 5 Minute Random Words
She smashed the 5 Minute Binary record with a score of 600 digits.
She set the new Spoken Numbers record with 97 digits.
The new 5 minute number record is now 188 digits

Her new Algerian Record of 208 cards in 10 minute Cards was three cards short of the Women’s Record

Amir Khaled LOUAAR set six personal bests including
equalling the Algerian Record for 5 Minute Random Words (along with Meryem)
with 60 words.

Yahia Nasreddine RASSINE also set 6 personal bests – he is now ranked third overall for Algeria

Ms Charifa SOUISSI represented Morocco and set 7 personal bests

Ms Marwa FOUCHALI represented Tunisia and set 6 personal bests

The records for Morocco and Tunisia will be updated shortly

Memory Sport is taking a big leap forward with 3 new championships being planned in the Arabic world:

– 5 April 2014: the 3rd Algerian (National 10 discipline + Day-Date Calc)
– 5 August 2014: the 1st Tunisian (National 10 discipline + Day-Date Calc)
– 9 August 2014: the 1st Sudanese (National 10 discipline + Day-Date Calc)
– 16 August 2014: the 1st Egyptian (National 10 discipline + Day-Date Calc)
– 6-7 September 2014: the 3rd Arabian (in Egypt) (National 10 discipline + Day-Date Calc)

That is now 27 Championships leading up to the ultimate World Memory Championships in December 2014!!.

Keep an eye on List of upcoming Championships as new information comes to light

Results of 2nd Arabic Memory Championships 28-29 December, 2013
Congratulations to all of the competitors, Arbiters and sponsors!

A total of 67 competitors – 59 for the first time

Female    33  Male    34

Adult    55
Junior    8
Kids    4

8 countries competed in all…

Algeria    21

A very special welcome to the competitors from the following countries.. this is the first time someone from their country has competed at an official memory championships
Tunisia    31
Morocco    6
Iraq    3
Sudan    3
Egypt    1
Lebanon    1
Libya    1

Overall winners are …
1    Meryem YEZZA    4061
2    Amir Khaled LOUAAR    2760
3    Abderrahim LOUAAR    2737            Full details of All Competition Results

Top 3 in Adults competition 18-59 years
1    Meryem YEZZA    4061
2    Amir Khaled LOUAAR    2760
3    Yahia Nasreddine Rassine    1817           Full Details of Adult Competition

Top 3 in Junior Competition 13-17 years
1    Abderrahim LOUAAR    2737
2    Ikram Ben Charada    842
3    Eya Ghaleb    673                                        Full Details of JUNIOR Competition

Top 3 Kids Competition – up to 12 years

1    Youssef Chabchoub    536
2    Eya Tayari    467
3    Emna Hadrich    433              Full Details of KIDS Competition

National records will be updated shortly

Congratulations to all!!