Celebrating 33 years of excellence, the World Memory Championships, co-founded by Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene OBE, stand as a testament to human cognitive achievement. From pioneering the art of Mind Mapping, to hosting prestigious Global Memory, Speed Reading and Mind Mapping Championships.

Affiliate of The Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters (GOMSA)
An independent, trusted network of qualified arbiters for mind sports. As an association, GOMSA works with the world governing bodies of various mental sports to ensure standards are maintained in National and World events.

VIETNAM NATIONAL OPEN Memery Championships 2024

Congratulations to everyone involved with the successful 2024 National Open Memory Championships in Vietnam. Score and photos!

The 32nd World Memory Championships

The 32nd World Memory Championships took place on the 8th~10th, Dec. 2023 in Sanya City, China. This is the original Championships founded 32 years ago by Tony Buzan & Raymond Keene OBE in London, UK since 1991.

New World Champion Huang Jinao China 2nd Oyun-Erdene Tsengelbayar Mongolia 3rd Tenuun Tamir Mongolia

6th Malaysia Memory Championships

Congratulations to all the competitors and organisers of the 6th Malaysia Memory Championships. The full results have now been published,
The new president of the Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters is David Zhang. Click here for more information