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UK Open and Pan European Championships

The UK Open Memory Championships this year will be incorporated into a new international competition, the Pan European Memory Championships.  With a prize fund of £2,000 (and other prizes) it is being sponsored by Brian Clivaz at the prestigious Devonshire Club, a new private members club close to London’s Liverpool Street Station.  Brian has long been a supporter of the sport, initially for the WMC in Simpsons-on-the-Strand, and then as the host of the UK Open for the past few years at the L’Escargot Restaurant in Soho.

Competition Timetable 2017

DAY ONE – 16th August

08:50   Arrival

09:00   Registration and Coffee

09:25   Welcome

09:30   Names and Faces memorisation (15 Mins)

09:45   Recall (30 Mins)

10:30   Binary Digits memorisation (30 Mins)

11:00   Recall (1 hour)

12:10   LUNCH

13:10   Announcement of Results

13:15   Abstract Images (15 Mins)

13:30   Recall (30 Mins)

14:10   Speed Numbers (Trial One) (5 Mins)

14:15   Recall (15 Mins)

14:45   Results of Trial One

14:55   Speed Numbers (Trial Two) (5 Mins)

15:00    Recall (15 Mins)

15:30   Numbers (30 Mins)

16:00   Recall (1 hour)

17:00   Close

 DAY TWO – 17th August

08:50   Arrival

09:00   Coffee

09:15   Results from Day One

09:30   Random Words (15 Mins)

09:45   Recall (30 Mins)

10:30   Cards (30 Mins)

11:00   Recall (1 hour)

12:10   LUNCH

13:10   Announcement of Results

13:15   Historic Dates (5 Mins)

13:20   Recall (15 Mins)

13:40   Setup for Spoken Numbers –  Test sound

13:55   Spoken Numbers 100 digits

14:00   Recall (5 Mins)

14:15   Announcement of results trial one

14:20   Spoken Numbers 400 digits

14:30   Recall (15 Mins)

15.00   Announcement of Results

15.10   Speed Cards Trial One (5 Mins)

15:15   Recall (5 Mins)

15:30   Announcement of Results

15:35   Speed Cards Trial Two (5 Mins)

15:45   Recall (5 Mins)

16:00   End of Competition

17:30   Awards Ceremony

18:30   Close and Celebrations

The Pan European will give competitors throughout Europe a new trophy to compete for and a new opportunity to increase their World Rankings in advance of the 26th World Memory Championships in Shenzhen, China in early December. There is a rumour going round  that  a certain very highly ranked competitor might be making a comeback and prove that age has nothing to do with memory. Watch this space!

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