2020 The 29th World Memory Championships – Latest Competitor Information

The clarion call for mental assembly has sounded! The global finals of the 29th World Memory Championships in 2020 are about to begin!

Due to ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are unable to gather competitors around the world and compete in the same country this year. Under such circumstance, the World Memory Sports Council has decided to convert the 29th World Memory Championship Global Final into an online competition. A sub-venue will be set up by each country’s National Memory Sports Councils, competitions will take place at the same time between 18th- 20th December,2020. There will be about 300 competitors from China, Mongolia, South Korea, Vietnam, China Hong Kong, China Macau, China Taiwan, Malaysia, Algeria, India, Pakistan, Rwanda, Qatar and Libya will compete in the championship.

Event Schedule:

Day 1DisciplineMemoRecall
9:15-10:301.Abstract Images15 mins35 mins
10:45-12:302.Binairy Numbers30 mins90 mins
14:00-17:153.Random Numbers(1Hr)60 mins150 mins
Day 2   
9:15-9:204.Names and Faces15 mins35 mins
10:35-11:005.(a)Speed Numbers 15 mins20 mins
11:10-11:406.Historic/Future Dates5 mins20 mins
12:00-12:305.(b)Speed Numbers 25 mins20 mins
(cards to be laid out)
14:00-17:307.Random Cards(1Hr)60 mins150 mins
Day 3   
9:15-10:158.Random Words15 mins35 mins
10:45-13:009.Spoken Numbers
(3trails:200/300/world record+20%)
14:15-15:3010.Speed Cards
(Two Trails may be in 2 rounds)
5 mins5 mins


December 17 th9: 00 London timeOpening ceremony
December 18 thEach time zoneCompetition
December 19 th  
December 20 th  
December 21 STSummarize results 

Time Zone: All disciplines will be held according to the schedule above at local time.  There are 13 countries and regions (competitive sites) which are grouped by time zone. In all fairness, each time zone group will have a different version of test papers.

The time zone group are shown below:

The updated requirements to achieve the International Master of Memory are as a follows:

1) Compete in all 10 disciplines of the WMSC approved championship(s) counting towards your IMM

2) Achieve at least 3000 cumulative championship points in each championship counting towards your IMM

3) Correctly memorise 14 decks of cards (728 cards) in 1 hour

4) Correctly memorise 1400 decimal digits in 1 hour

5) Correctly memorise a single deck of cards in 40 seconds

Detailed strategies for the global finals of the 29th World Memory Championship – Chinese sub-venue

Competition time:December 17th – 20th, 2020(four days)
On -site registration time: December 17th, 2020 9-21:00

Time for Opening Ceremony:December 17, 2020 17:00 a.m
Venue for Competition:Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya

(168 SanYaWan Road, Sanya city, Hainan province, China)

Transportation to and from Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya

Distance from Sanya Phoenix International airport: 6.1 km

Distance from Sanya Rail Station: 9.9 km

Distance from Sanya Phoenix international airport railway station: 7.6 km

Distance from Sanya city center: 7.8 km

Distance from tourist attraction “TianyaHaijiao”: about 20 minutes by car


住宿攻略Guide for accommodation

Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya:

Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya is situated in city center and entertainment, shopping and commercial services are all within walking distance. Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya has 802 guest rooms and suites. Equipped with swimming pools, beach views and spa center.

Photos of countries’ venues


South Korea:



This is the annual memory event, it is the highest glory of the global memory to compete here. Welcome the world’s memory power experts to jointly create history and explore the limits of human memory abilities.

Guiding unit:
World Memory Sport Council

Asia Pacific World Memory Sports Council

By Global Chief Arbiter, Lester He