6th Malaysia Memory Championships Report

The 6th Malaysia Memory Championship organized by the Malaysia Memory Sports Council was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur on November 12, 2023.

 Mr. Son in the adult category won the overall championship, and the two juniors won the overall runner-up and third place.

The competition attracted memory enthusiasts from various states across Malaysia, including Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, and Sabah, showcasing a high level of mental athleticism.

 The chairman of the organizing committee and Grandmaster of Memory, Mr. Wong Wan Jun, expressed that this event is the only one in the country recognized by the World Memory Sports Council and represents the highest level of mental competition in Malaysia.

 Memory athletes from all age groups gathered to vie for honor and to promote exchanges and sharing of experiences among participants from different states.

 The competition adhered to the “national competition standards” set by the World Memory Sports Council, aiming to provide a fair and high-level competitive platform.

 The competition included tasks such as memorizing names and faces, random numbers, random words, abstract images, historic and future dates, binary numbers and playing cards, challenging the participant’s comprehensive mental abilities, including memory skills, focus, imagination, intelligence, and stress tolerance.

 The President of Malaysian Memory Sports Council, International Master of Memory Mr Teo Kim Foo expressed that since its establishment, the Malaysian Memory Sports Council has been committed to promoting memory sports for the benefit of the public. In order to enable memory enthusiasts and competitors in Malaysia to participate in the country’s highest-level memory event. The Malaysia Memory Sports Council has spared no effort, investing funds and energy.

 This competition also serves as the qualifying event for Malaysia, and the top five finalists will be eligible to represent Malaysia participate in the World Memory Championship held in China in December.

 In addition to enhancing memory, engaging in memory sports can also promote creativity and intelligence, benefiting individuals of all ages. Specifically, as memory improves, cognitive abilities also increase, leading to improved academic performance.

 The competition vividly demonstrated the excitement and intensity of memory sports, showcasing the outstanding memory abilities and overall mental qualities of the participants.

The Malaysian Memory Sports Council will continue to promote memory sports and provide more learning and training opportunities for the general public.

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 Summary of the results of the 2023 Malaysia Memory Championship:

Overall, Winner:

Champion: Son Kian Chee

Runner-up: Lai Yu Xin

Third Place: Lim Xiu Shan


Adult Group Winner:

Champion: Son Kian Chee

Runner-up: Yap Li Sia

Third Place: Loh Kian Yew


Junior Group Winner:

Champion: Lai Yu Xin

Runner-up: Lim Xiu San

Third Place: Wong En Shan

Fourth Place: Chen Chee Chuen

Fifth Place: Lim Zoe


Kid Group Winner:

Champion: Tung Wai Zhong

Runner-up: Chong Jun Qi

Third Place: Wong Yu Xin

Fourth Place: Tung Wai Cheng

Fifth Place: Declan Lim Ding Yi