The Indian National Open ONLINE Memory Championship 2020

The Indian National Open ONLINE Memory Championship 2020 Date 6th December 2020, Sunday, Indian time 10 am to 1 pm Who can Participate? Memory athletes from all countries (Indian and Foreign Memory athletes) can take part in this Championship. This is Open to all the memory athletes of the globe. The Memory athletes can participate from their respective places as it is an ONLINE Memory Championship. Categories : Kids, Junior, Adult and Senior Categories. Championship Disciplines : Five 1.Memorising Random Words 2. Memorising Speed Numbers 3. Memorising Binary Numbers 4. Memorising Historical / Future dates 5. Memorising Speed Cards (One Deck). Title : You can win the title, Indian National Memory Champion 2020 Prize Money : Indian Rupees 5,00,000/- to be won Registration Link is Here : Indian Memory athletes Registration link : International Memory athletes Registration link Contact : For further details, please contact Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President World Memory Sports Council for India on +919985031777 or +919985041777 or +919985049777 or mail us at or visit us at