The Arab countries participation in the Online World Memory Championships 2020

For many years, the World Memory Championship was a league for us once a year, in one country and one space. And due to Corona virus pandemic, we organized it this year , online simultaneously in all countries , to ensure our continuity of serving the human mind.

The international arbiter “ Salah Eddine Djilah”,and CIO of the « Intelligence Training Corporation » was at the head of the organization and the supervision of 20 competitors from 5 Arab countries: Algeria 🇩🇿, Qatar 🇶🇦 ,Libya 🇱🇾 , Iraq 🇮🇶 and Tunisia 🇹🇳
Additionally, the competition was held for the first time in the Gulf Region by the “Child Literature Center”, under the leadership of Professor Asmaa Abdellatif Alkuwari , Aisha ahmad Ahmady and Abdelhak Blidaoui.
it was equally supervised by the international arbiter “Abdelgadir Alfasy” and
‎‏Kamil Haweta and Ali Elmatari in Libya , professor Imen away in Tunisia , and professor Mustafa Munther Muslim in Iraq .

The Algerian supervising team was Composed of the following arbiters: Sabira Belhaddad, Moufida Sellali, Salah Eddine Boutaleb.

And Zergui Aicha, Khadidja HAMADACHE, bouzourene djouhar and Dagourai Fouad.
All the Arabic teams are looking forward to participating in the next World Championship 2021 , all insisting on better results.
Finally, I should like to thank all competitors and arbiters, that contributed to the success of the championship.