Arabian Memory Championship for Schools 2021 Online (First Edition)

The Arabian Memory Championship for Schools was held in its first edition Online on Saturday, December 25 of the year 2021, and thus is the first memory championship for schools organized by the Arabian Memory Championship Foundation, and the events of the championship were online through the official website of the Arabian Memory Championship Foundation.

      The championship was held under the supervision of Dr. Riadh Bensaoucha, founder of the Arabian Memory Championship and the representative of the World Memory Championship in the Arab world and Africa, and in the presence of the international arbiter, Mr. Ahmed Lamine Chala, who gave the starting signal for the championship through the website.

This championship was organized by the “Arabian Memory Championship Foundation” represented by Dr. Riadh Bensaoucha, Director of the Foundation, and the championship was run from inside the Foundation’s headquarters.

       10 Ariters participated in the championship, including 4 international Arbiters accredited from the WMSC (Riadh Bensaoucha – third-degree international Arbiter, Ahmed Lamine Chala – third-degree international Arbiter, Oum El-Khair Ben Naoui – second-degree Arbiter, Kamel Lerari – second-degree Arbiter), after their participation in the onlinne arbitration training program, which was presented to them by the international Arbiter, Ahmed Lamine Chala, on December 24, through a training course provided Online. In addition to the Arbiters, there was a team of technicians and administrators who contributed to the success of the championship.

      15 competitors (9 females 6 males), 12 from Algeria and 3 from Yemen, participated in this online champion ship. All competitors were under 14 years old, all of them are new competitors.

The results of the events were as follows:

1- Names & Faces Event:

First place: Chourouk Dahou (Algeria).

Second place: Ahmed Balfagih (Yemen).

Third place: Meriem Touat (Algeria).

2- Random word Event:

First place: Hala Zenia (Algeria).

Second place: Hadjer Ben Djeddou (Algeria).

Third place: Ranim Zenia (Algeria).

3- Random dates Event:

First place: Hala Zenia (Algeria).

Second place: Ranim Zenia (Algeria).

Third place: Hadjer Ben Djeddou (Algeria).

4- Speed Numbers Event:

First place: Hala Zenia (Algeria).

Second place: Hadjer Ben Djeddou (Algeria).

Third place: Ranim Zenia (Algeria).

      The first three ranks were as follows:

The Arabian World Champion in Memory for Schools for the year 2021: Hala Zenia (Algeria), with a total of 1500 points.

Second place: Hajer Ben Djeddou (Algeria), with a total of 963 points.

Third place: Ranim Zenia (Algeria), with a total of 830 points.

      The results were announced starting from the evening of January 2nd, 2022 through 12 videos that were successively published on all social media pages of the Arabian Memory Championship Foundation, and the titles of the videos were as follows:

1- Distribution of certificates to the competitors.

2- Distribution of medals to the winners.

3- Distribution of certificates to Arbiters.

4- Speech of the head of the Arbiters.

5- Distribution of trophies to the winners.

6- The Arabian World Champion’s Cup in memory for schools.

7- The working team supervising the running of the championship online.

8- Summary of the Arabian Memory Championship for Schools.

9- A meeting with the champion of the Arabian Memory for Schools.

10- A meeting with the coach of the Arabian Memory Champion for Schools.

11- Speech of the founder of the Arabia Memory Championship.

12- The comprehensive video of the Arabian Memory Championship for Schools.

      After these videos were published, which are considered the closing ceremony of the online championship, an e-mail was sent to all participants containing certificates of participation and certificates of first ranks, and coordination with them in order to send medals and cups.

      The general shape of this championship is different from the old Championships, and this is a result of the global health situation that was negatively affected by the Corona epidemic, which forced us to have the competition online and the closing ceremony also be online, but one of the beautiful things about this championship is that the memory champioship events have been developed to become online simulates the experience of paper events, and the site has been set to generate evets from a huge database contained in the site, and the correction is in the highest degree of accuracy based on the correction rules set by the Arabian Memory Championship Foundation for this type of championships, and the site has succeeded in passing all accuracy tests Correction quite successfully even with very special cases.

      Also, one of the nice things about this championship is that the competitors during the championship could see their results achieved in the events and their eligibility for medals in each break during the championship, and upon the end of the championship, they could see their answers in all the events to see where their mistakes were in the answer, and the championship statistics were published live After the championship for high transparency for the championship.

The following video shows all the events of this championship: