Conratulations to Arif Anees

As Chairman of The Brain Trust Charity, I am delighted to announce that the
Winner of the 2020 Brain of the Year Award is Arif Anis.

The mission statement of the Brain Trust is as follows:
“To advance global mental health by all means possible, including research, support
and funding for individuals and organisations which promote mind improving and
healing activities and initiatives.”

Each year we award our Brain of the Year Trophy as our highest accolade.
Previous Laureates include Professor Stephen Hawking, Prince Marek and
Princess Petrina Kasperski, the world expert on thinking like Leonardo da
Vinci Michael Gelb, astronaut Senator John Glenn, the world’s leading brain
nutritionist Professor Michael Crawford, former World Chess Champion
Garry Kasparov, inventor of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry, a leading scientist
in Baroness Susan Greenfield, Humanitarian Ambassador Prince Mohsin Ali
Khan of Hyderabad, rowing legend Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, and eight-times
World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien.

This year philanthropist Arif Anis has been voted as our winning contender,
as a result of his outstanding achievements during the coronavirus outbreak
(Covid-19) in assisting our NHS* with the genius million-meal project (*the
United Kingdom’s National Health Service).

Arif Anis co-founded the One Million Meals campaign
( in April 2020 to serve the NHS staff, keyworkers,
and vulnerable people facing the food crisis during the lockdown that
received global recognition. This was a gargantuan achievement to identify
free meals for our overstretched NHS, for which I personally nominated Arif
for a national honour.

Arif Anis is also globally known thought leader and author of
“I’MPOSSIBLE”, “Follow Your Dreams”, and co-author of “Made In
Crises”. The 2018th edition of the Power100 British Parliamentary Review
listed Arif Anis among the 100 most influential trailblazers in Europe. Arif
has 20 years of experience in delivering transformational results, uplifting
lives, and impacting people, policies, and narratives. Arif was awarded the
Global Man of the Year Award for 2019 in London by Global Magazine for his
contributions to the field of learning and development.

He has spoken as a keynote at numerous global universities including, to
naming a few, University of Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Hong Kong
University, SOAS, London School of Economics. As an international human
capital expert, Arif has trained top coaches, corporate leaders, heads of state,
movie stars, and CEOs. As a keynote speaker, Arif has rubbed shoulders with
two US presidents, three British prime ministers, and several other global
icons of influence.

Arif supports HRH Prince of Wales’ British Asian Trust. He is a trustee of the
world’s largest interest-free microfinance loan provider Akhuwat that has
disbursed around 4 million interest-free loans (more than 725 million USD).
Arif’s initiatives have been featured by the BBC, ITV, Sky, CNBC, The Daily
Telegraph, Yahoo, as well as many other global platforms.

The Brain Trust Charity’s 2020 Brain of the Year Award takes place within
the permitted Covid-19 protocols, and subject to any further UK government
guidelines, at L’Escargot, London, on 26th November 2020.

Raymond D. Keene OBE
The Brain Trust Registered Charity
(Charity Registration Number 1001012)