WMSC Certification System

In order to further establish the standard for World Memory Sports development as it has endeavoured to do since 1991 and boost the enthusiasm for memory sports worldwide, World Memory Sports Council has launched the WMSC Certification System.
The WMSC will issue copies of certificates for all achievements in different fields of memory sports, which shall include

1. WMSC Licensed Master of Memory
2. WMSC Licensed Arbiter of Memory




The Ratification / Awards Committee of the World Memory Sports Council, which numbers amongst its members major world leaders and mind sports champions in key areas of brain fitness.
The founders of the World Memory Championships in 1991 head the committee and will be the co-signatories for all certificates.

Tony Buzan, International Mental World Records Arbiter. Inventor of Mind Maps. Co- Founder of World Memory Championships
Ray Keene OBE, International Chess Grandmaster. Co- Founder of World Memory Championships
The Ratification/ Awards Committee also includes:

• Dominic O’Brien, 8 times World Memory Champion
• Phil Chambers WMSC Chief Arbiter
• Prof. Michael Crawford, Director, Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, Imperial College, London
• Dr. Sue Whiting, Former World Women’s Memory Champion
• David Taylor MA, Past Master of the Guild of Educators
• Professor Jackie Eales, Head of Human Resources, Christchurch University Canterbury
• Prince Marek Kasperski, Australia
• Dr. Manahel Thabet, UAE
• Michael Gelb, USA
• Prince Mohsin Ali Khan, Hyderabad, India
• Dr. Jorge Castaneda Mexico
• Former President of Mexico Dr. Vicente Fox


WMSC Licensed Master of Memory (LMM)

In addition to the existing certificates for the top players such as IMM, GMM and IGM, we will also now release certification for other memory sports players who have achieved the required level in their memory skills. We will, therefore, provide an official evaluation standard for their memory skills levels as well as a reward for their endeavour.

An official achievement certificate will be available, to test or competition organizers in an authorized WMSC Memory Club, to give to competitors after the event to recognize their achievement.
Of necessity, these certificates can only be produced by WMSC via Regional Memory Sports Councils and issued by the authorized WMSC Memory Club worldwide using registered Arbiters.

In order to ensure that certification is valid and genuine, all WMSC Certifications (LMM, LAM & LIM) will be numbered and only be valid if they are listed publicly on the new WMSC Memory Club Web site.

Certificates will not only be numbered and personally signed by two of the WMSC senior officers, one of whom can be regional president, they will be stamped with the Seal of the WMSC to ensure authenticity and listed on the official website.

Congratulation to our new Certificate holders

Licensed Memory Clubs

2017 WMSC Memory Clubs

WMSC ID Name Country/Region
MC 20170801 CN Nie Dongdong Shan Dong (Qu Fu),China
MC 20171102 CN Ji Yashuai Guang zhou(Pan Yu),China
MC 20171101 CN Hu Hao Bei Jing(Tong Zhou),China
MC 20180101 CN Wang Yilei Yin Chuan(Xing Qing),China

2018 WMSC Memory Clubs

WMSC ID Name Country/Region
MC 20180203 CN He Chaozhi Guang zhou(Nan Sha),China
MC 20180206 CN He Mao Xi An (Bei Lin),China
MC 20180207 CN Liu Qing Hai Kou(Mei Lan ),China
MC 20180204 CN Lu Chunyu Hai Kou(Qiong Shan),China
MC 20180202 CN Su Sheng Xia Men(Si Ming),China
MC 20180205CN Wang Yongmei Zheng Zhou(Jin Shui),China
MC 20180201 CN Yang Tingting Su Zhou(Gong Ye Yuan),China
MC 20180208 CN Ye Xiangwen Chong Qing(Yong Chuan),China
MC 20180213 CN Zheng Xinhong Zheng Zhou(Zhong Yuan),China
MC 20180209 CN He Lei Urumchi(Tian Shan),China
MC 20180210 CN Qi Honglu Nei Meng Gu(Bao Tou),China
MC 20180212 CN Zhu Qinde Urumchi(Kai Fa),China
MC 20180211 CN Wang Wei Shi Jia Zhuang(Chang An),China
MC 20180214 CN Wang Yuemei Bei Jing(Hai Dian),China
MC 20180215 CN Zhou Guoli Kai Fen(Jin Ming),China
MC 20180218 CN Yang Lixia Shen Zheng(Nan Shan),China
MC 20180219 CN Jiang Lili Bei Jing(East Yanjiao Economic Development Zone)
MC 20180220 CN Zhang Xinyi Zheng Zhou(Guancheng Hui Economic Development Zone)
MC 20180216 CN Pu Jiang Jiang Su(Su Zhou),China
MC 20180221 CN Yang Tao Cheng Du (Gao Xin ),China
MC 20180222 CN Gao Xiaomeng Guang Zhou(Yue Xiu),China
MC 20180217 CN Liu Xianmei Shang Hai(Pu Dong),China
MC 20180223 CN Deng Kun Nan Ning(Qing Xiu),China
MC 20180224 CN Wang Yongmei Lan Zhou(Cheng Guan),China
WMSC ID Name Country/Region
MC 201800501 CN Karens Hong Kong(Jiu Long),China
MC 201800502 CN Mei Yanyan Shen Yang (Huang Gu),China
MC 201800503 CN Jiang Lili Nei meng Gu(Chi Feng),China
MC 201800504 CN Jin Xueshun Tian Jin(Nan Kai),China
MC 201800505 CN Wang Wei He Bei(Shi Jiazhuang)
MC 201800506 CN Du Yemeng Shen Yang (Yu Hong),China
MC 201800507 CN Wang Mimi Yan An (Bao Ta),China
MC 201800508 CN Yang Tingting Guang Dong(Zhao Qing),China
MC 201800509 CN Guo Jinghui Ha Erbin,China
MC 201800510 CN Zhang Tianbo Hang Zhou(Gong Shu),China