On July 23, 2021, 17:00, the opening day of the Tokyo Olympic Games, China Media Group Mobile, will be broadcasting The 30th Anniversary Memory memorial Challenge of the World Memory Championship 2021 self-produce variety show – “King of Ultimate Memory Challenge”.


On April 17 this year, the great occasion – “Unforgettable Cup” 2021 World Memory Championship The 30th Anniversary Memory memorial Challenge was held in Chongli, Hebei, China, the core area of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In this challenge, more than two hundred of China’s top memory athletes from all over China gathered to explore the limits of memory. The challenge was divided into two parts: the regular competition and the variety show section. The regular competition contained five major events:  speed numbers, names and faces, historic dates, abstract images, and speed cards. The upcoming self-produced variety show consists of three different challenges, namely Idiom deduction  (Idiom is a valuable cultural heritage of the Chinese nation), Number Kaleidoscope, and Poetry Dominoes.

The Special challenge – took in the form of three different challenges, in which players competed fiercely in three challenges: Idiom deduction, Number Kaleidoscope and Poetry Dominoes and the final winner was crowned with the title of “King of Extreme Memory Challenge”.


 The first level: Idiom Deduction

Idiom Deduction: Idioms are valuable cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, carried meaningful humanistic connotations. A large number of idioms come from traditional classical writings, expressing Chinese values. It is regarded as  “living fossil” of Chinese culture. In this level, the competitors need to recite the corresponding idioms according to the given hint, for example: chest [ ] [ ] bamboo.

The second level: Numbers Kaleidoscope

Numbers Kaleidoscope: There are 20*20=400 sub-grids, with horizontal and vertical axes dividing them into four quadrants, each with different colors.The entire grid will be randomly filled by the guest with numbers from 1 to 9, and the audio will be broadcasted in turn for only once. After the broadcast, guests will randomly choose to switch rows and columns for 30 times and finally select certain sub-grids as questions. Competitors have 30-second answering time for each question, they must answer the color and number on the sub-grid correctly in order to proceed, or they will be eliminated directly.

The third Level: Poetry Dominoes

Poetry Dominoes: Traditional poetry culture is the most unique form of expression and literary heritage in the history of Chinese as well as world literature. There are two rounds of poetry Dominoes. The keywords for the first round are chosen by the poetry experts on site, and the topics include: night, cloud, rain, people, sun, bright, wind, flower, snow, moon, spring, autumn, mountain, water, grass, tree, bamboo, river, thousand, sky, earth, horse, sword, wine,without, no, home, green, and knowledge. In the second round, the guests randomly choose a number from the circumference ratio (PI) as the starting point of the Poetry Dominoes.


Professional commentator team (subtitle)

 Mr. Lester He,the global chief arbiter of World Memory Sports Council;

Mr. Wang Feng, the two-times global champion of World Memory Championship and the captain of “The Super Brain” Chinese team;

Miss. Huang Huazhu, the international Grand Master of Memory, the chief coach of the world champion

“Huazhu” team and the star contestant of “The Super Brain”; Miss. Wu Haimeng, level 1 International arbiter of WMSC and on-site expert in “Challenge Impossible”, form a professional commentator team and narrate for everyone.


Lester He

Global Chief Arbiter of WMSC

Certified Level 4 Arbiter of WMSC

Special guest in the CCTV “Challenge Impossible”

Medal holder of “Father of World Mind Mapping – Tony Buzan” medal

 Wang Feng

Two-times Global Champion of World Memory Championship

Captain of “The Super Brain – Chinese team ”

Wu Haimeng

International Master of Memory

Certified Level 1 International Arbiter of WMSC

Special guest in the CCTV “Challenge Impossible”

 Huang Huazhu

international Grand Master of Memory

Chief coach of the world champion team “Huazhu” team

Star contestant of “Super Brain”


The challenge competition was broadcasted live and recorded by China Central Video. The 2021 World Memory Championship The 30th Anniversary Memory memorial Challenge, produced by a professional team from China Central Video, “Self-produced Variety show- -The King of Extreme Memory Challenge‖ will be released  on July 23 (next Friday) at 17:00 – the night of the Tokyo Olympics! In the meanwhile, the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be broadcasted at 19:00 on China Central Video two hours after the release of our Memory Challenge!The Mental Olympics and the Olympic Games will both be launched on that wonderful night, so stay tuned!