Lim Xiu San (15 year old) won the victory of The 5th Malaysia Memory Championships, which endored by World Memory Sports Council, supported by Asia-Pacific Memory Sports Council and organized by Malaysia Memory Sports Organization.

Lim learned the Memory Skills when she was 9 year old from Memory Master Teo Kim Foo together with her parents.

After the training, she found that the skills are useful for her academics subjects and daily life. In order to increase the standard of skills, she has been started participating in memory championships when she was 10. After 5 years, she had finally achieved her victory, dual champions, which are Junior and Overall Champions, she made the history of Malaysia Memory Championships.

We believe that her victory will inspire and stimulate more junior and female start notices of memory training and encourage more teenagers to participate in the mind sports competition.

After the two-year lock down and global pandemic(Covid-19) , Malaysia Memory Sports Organization’s committees successfully organized the first offline/ physical memory championships in the End- Pandemic period.

Initially, we plan to organize about 10 participants competition, but the numbers of participants kept increased to 20+, we decided to change another venue that could cater 20 more people, however, the participants numbers kept incresing, then we change again the venue to which that able cater 30+ people, but it was still unable to fulfil the demand, end-up the registration number reached to the maximum number. We have not time to get another bigger venue for more people. It was a good sense that having so positive response.

We also received the requirement from Asia, Middle East and Africa coaches said that hoping the competition can be open for oversea participants. Actually, we thousands wish to make it an open but due to lack of manpower, we’re not able to present a good welcome to oversea contestants, therefore, we only can put this hope to next year 2023.

In order to provide the platform that not only through the competition for memory sports lovers to test their memory capability in Malaysia. Malaysia Memory Sports Organization also provide a test which named “Malaysia Memory Master(MMM)”.

MMM test is conducted in 6 levels with 6 disciplines. Memory sports lovers can take the test to know their level of memory power also can take the test as a preparation for next memory competiton.
There are only two arbiters and training centres certified by MMSO which eligible to conduct this test in Malaysia, Brilliance Brain and Power Memory.

Malaysia will plan to have a higher level test which named the License Master of Memory (LMM) in next year 2023. This will be direct certified by World Memory Sports Council with 10 levels and 10 disciplines.

2022 is going to be end. Let us look forward to the joyful reunion in 2023, and let us look forward to shining on the big platform of the memory championship again.

The 5th Malaysia Memory Championships Winners Name List:

Overall Winner:
1.Lim Xiu San
2.Loh Kian Yew
3.Nurlina Suraiya binti Md Sharif

Overall Adult Winner:
1. Nurlina Suraiya binti Md Sharif
2. Son Ooi Ping
3. Lim Ching Yam

Overall Junior Winner:
1. Lim Xiu San
2. Loh Kian Yew
3. Lai Yu Xin
4. Wong En Shan
5. Chen Chee Chuen

Overall Kid Winner:
1.Joshua Chen Yi
2.Tung Wai Zhong
3.Yee Heng Jing
4. Chong Jun Qi
5. Daphne Lee