Dr Sue Whiting GM – 5 times Woman’s World Memory Champion

Dr Sue Whiting was an early pioneer of the sport of memory and competed in the World Memory Championships consecutively from 1994 to 1998. These took place in Simpson’s on the Strand in London. In those five years, she achieved the title of Women’s World Memory Champion on five occasions. Since then, the title of Women’s World Champion was discontinued. As a result, Sue’s achievements were not included in the Memory Statistics website. The Council has deemed that this was unfair and has made up for this oversight by formally recognising her historic achievements.

Sue has authored a number of illustrated books to help children to master memory techniques. These include the cartoon book “How to have a Magic Memory” ISBN 978-1-610125-67-0. Published by Filament Publishing. In addition, Sue has lectured on memory in the famous science <Museum in London and does memory workshops for schools and businesses.