ear regional presidents of WMSC,

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are unable to gather all competitors around the world together and compete in the same country this year.Our primary concern must be the health and safety of our members. 

Under such circumstances, the World Memory Sports Council has decided to convert the 29th World Memory Championship Global Final into an online competition. A sub-venue will be set up by each country’s National(regional) Memory Sports Councils, competitions will take place at the same time between 18th- 20th December,2020.

The question sheets will be provided by the WMSC Global Chief Arbiter Lester He. The competition will be supervised by the local suitably qualified Arbiter approved by the WMSC. Results will be passed to the Global Chief Arbiter and titles of International Memory Master and Memory Grand-master will be awarded by the World Memory Sports Council online.

Requirements will be as follows:

1. National(regional) competition venues must be equipped with internet connection and web-cams to ensure venues are accessible to each other via videolink.

2. All of the national(regional) sub-venues must have official arbiters approved by  the WMSC to ensure the results are valid. Presidents of the National Memory Sports Councils that wish to participate in the Global Final competition will need to submit their application to the Global Chief Arbiter Lester He via Memory-sports@vip.163.com before 01 October 2020

Any notifications received after that date will be regarded as having missed the deadline for participation in the championship. 

Lester He

Global Chief Arbiter WMSC