List of Official Licensed Arbiters

For a memory competition to be included in the World Rankings table, an event must be supervised by a qualified arbiter approved by the governing body of the sport, The World Memory Sports Council. Without an approved arbiter, results will not count towards the World Rankings.

By ensuring that all competitions are run in exactly the same way and marked to the same standards, it is possible to accurately compare competition results with those of other competitors around the world over the past 26 years of the sport.

Arbiters are appointed by the WMSC and then recognised by GOMSA, the Guild of Mental Sports Arbiters.

The current list of Qualified and licensed arbiters is shown below. If you believe your name should be on the list and has been missed, please contact the secretary.

First Name Surname Level Country
Phil Chambers 5 England
Dominic O’Brien 5 England
Elaine Colliar 4 Scotland
Jennifer Goddard 4 Australia
Alexander  Keene  3  England
Sophie Huang 3 P.R. China
Guo Chuanwei 3 P.R. China
David Sedgwick 3 England
Jorge Castaneda 3 Mexico
He Lei 3 P.R. China
Idriz Zogaj 2 Sweden
Teo Kim Foo 2 Malaysia
Wang Sheng Kai 2 Taiwan
Riadh Bensaoucha 2 Algeria
Salah Eddine Djilah 2 Algeria
Dr Kranth Raj 2 ndia
Klaus Kolb 2 Germany
Khatanbaatar Khandsuren 2 Mongolia
Anne Bernadette Bonita 2 Philippines
Amine Ahmed Chala 2 Algeria
Dr Henry Toi 2 Singapore
Yan Kewei 2 P.R. China
Meng Hongfei 2 P.R. China
Marek Kasperski 1 Australia
Petrina Kasperski 1 Australia
Michel Wozniak 1 France
Pavan Bhattad 1 India
Dave Farrow 1 USA / Canada
Luis Jardim 1 Portugal / Spain