Memory Achievements

“Tour de Memory” Awards – 2013 World Memory Championships (WMC)*

Best Rookie – never competed at a rankable event
Johnny Briones, USA
– 4134 Championship Points
– Became Grand Master of Memory

Best Male Junior WMC Rookie – first time at a WMC
Johannes Zhou, Germany
– 3909 Championship points

Best Female – Best Junior Rookie – first time at a WMC
Namuuntuul Bat-Erdine  17 year old female from Mongolia
– Ranked 10th at 2013 WMC
– Scored 5568 Championship Points
– became Grand Master at first ever WMC

Eldest Competitor
Søren Damtoft – 59 year old man from Denmark
2735 championship points
Started competing in 2012

Youngest competitor – Youngest Rookie – never competed at a rankable event
HAN Zelin 9 year old boy from China
591 championship points
180 Binary digits

Most number of WMCs competed in
12 championships – Ben Pridmore WMChampion
(beating Dominic O’Brien’s record of competing in 11 championships)
9 championships – Boris Nikolai Konrad GMM IGM
7 championships – Johannes Mallow WMChampion
7 championships – Jürgen Petersen GMM
5 championships – James Paterson
5 championships – Konstantin Skudler, first as a Kid and now as a Junior

Longest gap between world memory championships
Ram Kolli, USA – 7 year gap – competed in 2005 then 2013

Most impressive Kid to Junior Competitor
Konsti Skudler – competing since 2005 (for 9 years)

Shortest time a competitor
Hugh Shields – found out about memory competitions 6 weeks before and scored 918 championship points

Highest Score – and New World Memory Champion of course
Jonas von Essen, Sweden  8534 points

Lowest Score – and encouragement award goes to
Kim Tae Yeop, South Korea 419 points

Average score 2867 for 2013 WMC

* conceived by Carlos Dionisio and compiled by Jennifer Goddard

Dominic O’Brien, in his powerful new book “You can have an Amazing Memory” explains how memory games and memory achievements are vital for learning and everyday life …

“What is the point in memorising a 2,000 digit number or 20 shuffled decks of playing cards? But then, what’s the point in running around a 400-metre track as fast as you can when all you’re really doing is going around in circles?

“What, indeed, is the point in 11 fully grown men kicking a football from one end of a field to try to get in a net at the other end, while another 11 fully grown men try to stop them?

“The point, whether it’s football, running, tennis, ice hockey, darts, memory or any game you care to mention, is that the process of getting there, of being successful, involves learning on many levels.”  (Page 204)

At local, national and international events, ordinary people test their ability to use their amazing brains against themselves (Personal Bests) and against others around the world. We applaud their dedication and what they have achieved!

View the personal achievements of over 2,100 competitors from over 50 countries around the world 

Current World Rankings


 Kids Records set during 2013 WMC

Congratulations to DONG Xun, China for winning the World Kids Memory Championships for the second year.
She set the new kids records for
15 minute Names & Faces 72 points
Spoken Numbers 88 digits

Congrats to Jamyla Lambunao, Philippines for coming second overall and for setting
new 5 min numbers record of 206 digits

Jamyla also broke the 15 minute word record (which was set in 2005!) by one word WOW! record is now 151 words

Huge congrats also to Temuulen Ganzorig, Mongolia  – he set the record for
30 minute Binary Digits -1773 digits


***Junior Records set during 2013 WMC***

Congratulations to Konsti Skudler, Germany for breaking his own Abstract Images junior record – 234 points

Congratulations also to Namuuntuul BAT-ERDENE, Mongolia, who became a Grand Master of Memory by scoring over 5,000 points (5,568) in her first ever World Memory Championships and setting 3 new Junior records
30 Minute Binary 2970 digits
60 minute/Hour Cards 936 cards (18 decks)
60 Minute/Hour Numbers 2312 digits

Namuuntuul also set two new Women’s records:-
30 Minute Binary 2970 digits
60 Minute/Hour Numbers 2312 digits

BTW of the 10 records set at the 2013 WMC only one was an adult record… Johannes Mallow, Germany, WMChampion, broke his own record for 5 minute numbers
(held jointly with Wang Feng, China, WMChampion) by a nerve wracking ONE point – now 501 points !!

Johannes also set a personal best in speed cards – 27.55 seconds

It is not all about records … it is also about personal bests … Jonas von Essen set 7 personal bests … oh, and he also WON the World Memory Championships in just is second year of competition

Grand Masters of Memory

Congratulations to this year’s High Achievers… IGM, GMM and IMM

Ola Kåre RISA —– GMM IGM
is the only IGM in 2013 – achieved a score of 6000+

Namuuntuul BAT-ERDENE  GMM
both achieved GMM status with a score of 5000+

The following 11 competitors achieved both IMM and GMM in the 2013 transition year
Yoshihiro Ikeda IMM GMM – 1st Japanese GMM
Matteo Salvo IMM GMM – 1st Italian GMM
Joona Aapeli Marjakangas IMM GMM – 1st Finnish GMM
Bat-Erdene Tsogoo IMM GMM
CAO Quanquan IMM GMM
HU Xisheng IMM GMM
Johann Randall Abrina IMM GMM
Johnny Briones IMM GMM
Mark Aarøe Nissen IMM GMM
Raj Jain IMM GMM

Full Listing of Grand Masters