From Phil Chambers, Chief Arbiter

New Millennium Standards

Following some spectacular performances at the World Memory Championships, the Millennium Standards have been analysed and revised.

As of January 31st 2018 the following standards will apply.

* indicates revised standard.

Discipline Millennium Standard (current)
Spoken Numbers ~447 digits √(raw score)*47.30
5 Min Speed Cards 19.8 seconds 9386/(time to the power of 0.75)
5 Min Binary Digits 1000 digits
5 Min Names & Faces 95 names
5 Min Random Numbers 547 digits ­
5 Min Historic/Future Dates 125 dates
5 Min Words 125 words
10 Min Cards* 407 cards (7 decks = 43 cards)
15 Min Random Numbers 900 digits
15 Min Names & Faces 170 names
15 Min Random Words 312 words
15 Min Abstract Images* 697 points
30 Min Binary Digits* 5811 digits
30 Min Cards* 1014 cards (19.5 decks)
30 Min Random Numbers 1752 digits
60 min/Hour Cards* 1950 cards (37.5 decks)
60 min/Hour Random Numbers 3234 digits

In addition to these changes, the International Master of Memory requirements has been updated to:

11 decks of cards (572 cards) in 1 hour
1040 decimal digits in 1 hour
A single deck of cards in 90 seconds

Grandmaster of Memory will be awarded at the World Memory Championships to the top five placed competitors, who are not already GMMs and have achieved a total score of 5,500 or more cumulative championship points.

The requirements to achieve the International Master of Memory.

1) Compete in all 10 disciplines of the WMSC approved championship(s) counting towards your IMM

2) Achieve at least 3000 cumulative championship points in each championship counting towards your IMM

3) Correctly memorise 11 decks of cards (572 cards) in 1 hour

4) Correctly memorise 1040 decimal digits in 1 hour

5) Correctly memorise A single deck of cards in 90 seconds

3), 4) and 5) above may be achieved over more than one championship. (all three norms do not have to be achieved in a single competition).

5) may be set in any WMSC approved championship. Since hour long disciplines only apply to the World Memory Championships, 3) and 4) must be set at the WMC.

International Grandmaster titles will be awarded at the World Memory Championships to competitors with a total score of 6,500 or more cumulative championship points.


We are working on an updated statistics database that will give many additional benefits to competitors including much faster updates. More details in the coming months.

The Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters (GOMSA) will soon have a dedicated website to support our unsung heroes who maintain standards and Guinness World Records.

Phil Chambers
(Chief Arbiter)