National Memory Sports Councils

Do you run a National Memory Sports Council?  

It is time to Re-Register for 2016-17

We now have competitors from 62 countries, more than ever before.  To help support then and the grow the sport we have created a new structure.  The world has been separated into six Regions – each with its own President.

Within each region we have a number of National  Memory Sports Councils, one for each country in the region and within each country we will have numerous Local Memory Clubs

The Regions and their Presidents are;

  • Europe and Russia Region – Dominic O’Brien
  • Middle East and Africa Region – Dr Manahel Thabet
  • North America and Canada – Michael Gelb
  • South America – Dr Jorge Castaneda
  • Asia Pacific Region – David Zhang
  • Australia and New Zealand- Prince Marek Kasperski

The Regional Presidents are the main representatives of the World Memory Sports Council in their Region.  All communications should be routed through the Office of the General Secretary.

National Memory Sports Councils

Over the years, National Memory Sports Councils have been established at different times of the year and with different degrees of formality. At the same time some individuals have assumed responsibilities without formal accreditation or recognition.  in order to put the sport onto a far more professional footing, the following changes are announced.

We will now require annual registration for all memory clubs and National Memory Sports Councils. The membership year will run from April 1st to March 31st.  Re-registration will in future take place between January and March. A new directory of accredited National Memory Sports Councils will then be published to recognise those individuals who are officially recognised by the Council. Anyone not on the published list will be deemed to be unofficial.

As part of their registration a National Memory Sports Council  will have:

  • An Official Certificate of Accreditation
  • Their own News Page on the main WMC website to recognise achievements and promote events
  • A directory entry showing all their contact details
  • Official National Rankings for their Country to recognise the achievements of their competitions
  • Online Training and support

Annual registration for a National Memory Sports Council costs  US$100  UK£70

Please click on this form to share the details of your NMSC so it can be ratified by the Council