New President of the World Mind Sports Council (WMSC)

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As the year 2023 draws to a close, we thank David Zhang and the Asia Pacific Council for their most successful completion of the thirty-second world memory championships in Sanya City, Hainan, China, which I co-founded with the immortal Tony Buzan in London, back in 1991.

After the tribulations of the worldwide pandemic, which dismantled so many organisations and derailed so many events, we now enter a new era with 2024, which requires a number of adjustments to our thinking.

The original World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) no longer suits our expanded horizons. It has, therefore, been upgraded to become the World Mind Sports Council, with new responsibility for rules, regulation and promotion in the learning Mind Sports of Memory, Mind Mapping, and Speed-Reading, as defined by Tony Buzan himself.

As a vital component of our new changes, David Zhang (China) will assume the position of President of GOMSA, the Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters, with Professor Marek Kasperski assisting him as Vice-President.

Tony Buzan and Marek Kasperski

Professor Marek Kasperski will assume the presidency of the World Mind Sports Council, ably assisted by the new vice president, Nicolas Lisiak. Professor Marek Kasperski will bring new ideas to the reinvigorated World Mind Sports Council. An announcement will be made shortly,

In light of our new strengthening and diversification of roles, I shall assume the post of Founding Life President Emeritus, leaving day-to-day operations in the most capable and innovative hands of Professor Marek Kasperski and his team.

“Great is the opinion of the people of you, great is the commendation of your liberality, and great will be the memory of your presidency.”

The original use of Magna Memoria by the Roman Orator Cicero.

As Tony Buzan would have said, Floreant Dendritae, may your brain cells flourish for the coming year and in perpetuity.

Ray Keene OBE