New Competitor and Arbiter Handbook Launched at WMC


A comprehensive new Competitor and Arbiter Manual for the Mind Sport of Memory was launched by Tony Buzan at the opening of the 22nd World Memory Championships.

Edited by Jennifer Goddard with help and support from Tony Buzan, Phil Chambers, Natalie Lecordier, Gabby Kappus, Dominic O’Brien, Raymond Keene – and indeed all the members of the World Memory Sports Council, and the Guild of Arbiters.

It has been a massive team effort to draw together into one book, all the information required to both compete in the sport, as well as to organise and arbit competitions of all sizes.

It contains details of the 10 Disciplines, the Millennium Standards, Grand Master Qualifications, the structure of Local, National and International Competitions, Schools Memory Championships. Ethics, Standards, Procedures and Sanctions.

The Competitor’s and Arbiter’s Handbook is published by Filament Publishing at UK £10 and is available directly from the WMSC