The 3-day 26th World Memory Championships China Finals came to a close in Dalian,Liaoning,China on November 19th. After a fierce competition, Zou Lujian from Jiangxi Province won championship, Li Yang from Anhui Province took second place and Zhang Ying from Beijing came in the third.

Following is the update of world record:

Su Zehe of the Adult Category broke the Speed Numbers world record by memorizing 524 numbers in 5 minutes;

Zou Lujian of the Adult Category broke the 30 Min Random Cards world record by memorizing  941 cards,18.1 decks of cards

Li Yang of the Adult Category broke the Speed Cards world record with 17.685 seconds, while Contestant Han Haochen of the Junior Category broke this record with 17.874 seconds.

As many as 569 contestants advanced to the 26th WMC China Final, a figure that surpassed all the past China Finals. The youngest contestants, Wang Yichen from Beijing and Cheng Xinyan from Nanning ,are only 8 years old. While the eldest contestant , Wang Junhou from Yinchuang was 70 years old.

The WMSC China Chief Arbiter Ms.Huang Liyuan summarized the following three features of the 26th WMC China Final:

(1)Young age:The contestants were getting younger and younger. Contestants under 18(namely 198 contestants of the Kids Category and 165 contestants of the Junior Category) took more than half (64.8%)of the total number of contestants.

(2) Fast update:Memory sports has been developing fleetly, whether in terms of the disciplines of the event,the level of the event or the transition of the championships and the record-breaking situation.

(3) Strong ability: The contestants were demonstrating stronger and stronger ability. More and more Chinese contestants broke different disciplines’world records, and the overall level of the ten disciplines had been continuously improving.