The 27th World Memory Championship,as well as the WMC China National Memory Championships, will adopt a newly-launched monitoring system for the first time, in order to further guarantee fairness, justice, openness of the WMCand thus upholding the ethics standards of memory sports.

Competition room and arbiters’ room will be equipped with the new monitoring equipment, CCTV Camera and Dome Camera, to prevent players’ unethical behaviors. Compared with traditional monitoring equipment, both CCTV and Dome Camera can not only cover a wider area, but also save a lot of decentralized monitoring work, while they are basically not limited to the fixed places. In the competition, arbiters will also be equipped with body-worn camera throughout the competition, thus to increase the transparency of their work.

During the whole process of these 10 disciplines, the Competition room will be monitored by four Dome Cameras and two CCTV Cameras , each with HD monitoring ability within 100 meters.

For example, during the process of Speed Cards (Players should accurately memorize the order of a deck of playing cards as quickly as possible within five minutes, including suits and numbers), for the sake of ensuring the authenticity and fairness of competition, not only all players will be monitored throughout the process, but also the individual arbiter who is responsible the player, in case of any possible new record, is equipped with body-worn camera to ensure the record’s authenticity. Body-worn camera is a portable forensics device of law enforcement which has  synchronous audio and video recording function. Its adoption provides the reliable guarantee for protecting the legitimate interests and honors of allplayers, and brings innovation into arbiters management work.


The World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) is committed to managing and promoting mind sports of memory, while at the same time, striving to create the fairest competition globally and protect players’ best interests as much as possible.

We believe that such continuous improvements in competition stanadards, equipments, enviroments  as well as more and mor experienced senior arbiters will surely promote

the memory sports to a new level  and  further strengthen the WMC under the leadship of WMSC as the most recoganized memory competition with the longest history and highest prestige in the world.