The 28th World Memory Championships 2019 global finals look forward to your arrival The clarion call for mental assembly has sounded! The global finals of the 28th World Memory Championships in 2019 are about to begin!
From the WMC of city level,national Level to the international level,spanning three months,this is a journey of exploring the limits of the memory, this is a journey of chasing the dream of the world memory masters, this is a journey of winning glory for China’s mental sports
Olympiad of mind sports makes the world intelligent!

Promotional video for the global finals of the 28th World Memory Championships Wuhan city image promotion video Big City Rise (English version) This is the annual memory event, it is the highest glory of the global memory to compete here. Welcome the world’s memory power experts to jointly create history and explore the limits of human memory abilities.

Event Introduction
Guiding unit:
World Memory Sport Council Asia Pacific World Memory Sports Council
Host unit:
Administrative committee of Wuhan East Lake high-tech Development Zone
Wuhan Broadcasting and Television Station
Wuhan Haijing Education TechNo.logy
World Memory Championships (WMC) was initiated in 1991 by professor Tony
Buzan, the father of World Memory, inventor of mind mapping, and Sir Raymond
keene, the British OBE Medal winner. It is a globally high-level brainpower
competition organized by the World Memory Sports Council and is as the
Olympics of brain sports

  1. On-site registration time and place

1)On -site registration time
December 3, 2019 From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
2)Registration palce
China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center (787 gaoxin Avenue,Wuhan
East Lake High-tech Development zone,Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China)
3)Time for Q&A Section
In the Morning of December 4, 2019 after the opening ceremony
4)Time for Opening Ceremony
December 4, 2019 8:00 a.m
5)Competition time
December 4th – 8th, 2019(four days)
6)Venue for Competition
China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center (787 gaoxin Avenue, East lake
High- tech Development Zone, Wuhan city, Hubei province, China)

  1. Information for registration items
    Competitor should prepare one SpeedCube Timer (Recommendation :Speed Stacks,Recommended model: third or fourth generation);Other brands of timer need to be as accurate as able to keep three decimal places.

Ordinary poker cards:
Speed Cards: 4 decks
One hour Cards (Marathon Cards): Numbers of decks of cards are prepared according
to how many the competitor challenges,
Label paper and plastic bags are available at the registration site.You shall label your
cards yourself,Poker cards for Speed Cards discipline and One hour Cards discipline
are bagged separately and handed to the staff to check and hand in the porker cards
for One hour Cards discipline.
3)One Transparent ruler 1 (3cm wide, 30cm long) One pencil, One signature pen,
earphone or earplug (depending on your own needs)
4)Please bring your valid ID certificate, such as ID card or passport ( original one and
a copied one, Please copy both two sides on a piece of A4 paper.The original
certificate for on-site verification,copied one for filing.
5)Please bring 2 one-inch photos (background color is No.t limited) for the on-site
registration to make certificate of entry

  1. On-site Registration Process
    Sign in——–Check competitors’ information(identical with the original,hand in
    copy of certificate ) ——send out entry certificates ——collect poker cards
    ——–Send out competitors’ uniform and competition guideline.
  2. Entry Notice
    1)Participants themselves are willing to participate in this event.
    2)Each competition must bring a competitor’s entry certificate,otherwise No. entry, competitors and their entry certificates must be checked, In addition to the required items for competition, No. other items (all electronic products including mobile phone
    and electronic watch ) are allowed to bring to the competition site.
    3) Contestants must write down their name, group,table number and WMSC ID on each answer sheet,Papers without names are considered invalid
    4)Competitors must arrive 15 minutes before the start of each discipline(the exact time of admission is subject to the on-site No.tice),Competitors who are late more than five minutes will No.t be admitted to the site.
    5) The seat of the competitors are arranged by the chief arbiter,Competitors are Not allowed to change the confirmed seat randomly.
    6)Competitors must obey the unified arrangements of the organizing committee and strictly abide by the rules of the competition.
    7)No. Shouting on the competition site, Behavior of shaking the table and chair or your body frequently and striking something that disturbs others are forbidden.Raise your hand if you have any questions and speak softly when the referee approaches
    8) If competitors disagree with the result of the competition,Please fill in the application form and submit it to the deputy director of the arbiter for review and wait for reply
    9)Without the permission of the organizing committee, it is No.t allowed to wear the logo of any other organization present at the the opening ceremony, competition site and closing ceremony, match day and closing ceremony of the competition. It is also No.t allowed to take photos for unauthorized organizations by raising flags or placards.
    10) Competitors who violate the rules will be disqualified and their results will be invalid. Cheaters will be criticised by their units and banned for this competition for all life.
    1)Warm tip: please bring plug converter.
  3. The weather forecast
    1) The average temperature in wuhan in December is 1℃ ~ 11℃
    2) It is recommended to wear suit, jacket, windbreaker, casual wear, jacket, suit, thin
    sweater and other warm clothes
    It is recommended to wear thick warm clothes such as cotton-padded clothes, winter
    coat, leather jacket, tweed coat, woolen hat, gloves, down jacket and leather jacket.
    Route guide
    1)Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (WUH)
    Route guide for competitors from airports to competition venue: