Since Kalyanlaxmi Kudikyala and Kanakamahalaxmi Kudikyala were unable to achieve scores comparable to their performance in the 2018 Indian National Championships, under strictly monitored conditions, their results will be nullified and revised championship positions and rankings published on the World Memory Statistics website:

Position Competitor Points
1 Prateek YADAV IMM IGM 7832
2 Omkar KIBE IMM 4144
3 Sri Vyshnavi YARLAGADDA IMM 3938

The World Memory Sports Council commends Sri Vyshnavi Yarlagadda for her commitment to fair play and drawing our attention to this matter.

In light of their complete cooperation with the investigation, Kalyanlaxmi Kudikyala and Kanakamahalaxmi Kudikyala will receive the following penalty in accordance with official procedure:


A determination that a member has committed an offence warranting discipline becomes a matter of record, but no further sanction is imposed at the time.

A 12 month probationary period is enforced.

If the member is judged guilty of another offence during the probation, he or she is then liable to further sanctions for both offences with an ultimate option of a lifetime ban from competition.

The Indian National Sports Council undertakes to make necessary announcements of the ruling, to remove the posts on their official website regarding runner up status and to endeavour to re-issue the trophies, medals, certificates and the prize money to the winners with the rightful honour as soon as possible.


In future any protests must be lodged no later than seven days following the championships. Where deemed necessary, retests will be scheduled within two weeks. 

The following precautionary procedures will be instigated at the 2019 Indian National Championships:

  1. The competition will be held in two days two allow more time to deal with any issues which might arise.
  2. Phil Chambers, Dominic O’Brien and Pavan Bhattad will be present to oversee the competition.
  3. It will be mandatory for anyone who expects to be in the top 10 to be in the ‘hot zone’. Failure to comply will result in non-awarding of medals / recognition of records.
  4. Papers from the top three / record breaking scores will be scanned / photographed and kept on record for one month following the tournament.
  5. Papers must be security sealed immediately after printing to avoid any possibility of being seen by competitors.
  6. Competition tables must have at least 1m separation between them.

The World Memory Sports Council