Current Statistics

For the past three decades, since Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene hosted the first World Memory Championships in 1991 in London, the results and the World Rankings have been based on the same format. This has made the comparison of individual performances very accurate.

With Covid making it impossible for live competitions to take place, a temporary ‘hybrid’ competition format was introduced to enable competitions to take place.  However, this online format cannot be compared with the dynamics and pressure of a properly arbited, three-day live competition. It would therefore be unfair not to recognise this in the results.

As we are now able to revert back to the original live format, we will be resetting the statistics based on the results of the WMC 2021.  All future scores will use this baseline for the calculation of rankings. 

Online competitions with have their own rankings table so that an accurate comparison of results can be made.

Here are the current rankings


Baseline scores based on WMC  2021


Baseline Scores based on WMC 2021


Baseline Scores based on WMC 2021