The World Online Memory Championships 2020

Because of the Covid Pandemic the World Memory Championship cannot take place in the traditional way as international travel is not possible. however, when one door closes, anotherone opens!

This your, for the first time, we will hold the first WMSC World Online Memory Championships. Competitors will compete in their pown countries, with local arbiting in place, the the results will be coordinated centrally by our Chief Arbiter Lester Ho.

As the result this year cannot be compared to the traditional format, there will be a differences to the disciplines, rules and scoring. The online championship will have a separate league from traditional competitions.

If your country or area is a member of WMSC, you need to contact the local council, through the unified promotion, the local council will arrange the competition for you.

If your country or area doesn’t have a council of WMSC, after enrollment,

1. Send your information by e-mail to the Global Chief Arbiter,, Lester He (E-mail
2. Global Chief Arbiter will assign online arbitrator to you.

3. You need to prepare a camera which can record videos to ensure the online arbitrator can see all your performance with no dead angle during the competition.

4. The Global Chief Arbiter, Lester He, will mail paper to you.

5. You can only unpack and answer the paper under the supervision of a online arbitrator during competition; if you unpack the paper in advance, your grades will be invalid.

6. The online arbitration commission will ensure the fairness and notarization of the competition through various moral supervision means such as live video, recording and photos.

The First Online World Memory Championships will combine online way with offline way.

Country or area which is a member of WMSC, like United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, Australia, Algeria, Andorra, Mongolia, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Macau China,Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, etc, will hold the competition through offline organizations.

Each country will see other countries’ competition by video, while the international arbitrator from the corresponding country or area will be in execution, and all grades will be collected to the Global Chief Arbiter, Lester He.

After collection, the Global Chief Arbiter, Lester He will put forward the final ranking of all countries, and the Chairman of WMSC, Raymond Keene will read out the final results.

Competition Schdule

2. Schedule
Date Time Projects
December 17 th 9: 00 London time Opening ceremony
December 18 th Each time zone Competition
December 19 th
December 20 th
December 21 ST Summarize results
December 22 nd 9: 00 London time Announce results and closing ceremony

Day 1 Discipline Memo Recall
9:15-10:30 1.Abstract Images 15 mins 30 mins
10:45-12:30 2.Binairy Numbers 30 mins 60 mins
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-17:15 3.Random Numbers(1Hr) 60 mins 120 mins
Day 2
9:15-9:20 4.Names and Faces 15 mins 30 mins
10:35-11:00 5.(a)Speed Numbers 1 15 mins 15 mins
11:10-11:40 6.Historic/Future Dates 15 mins 15 mins
11:40-12:00 Break
12:00-12:30 5.(b)Speed Numbers 2 5 mins 15 mins
12:30-14:00 Lunch
(cards laid out)
14:00-17:30 7.Random Cards(1Hr) 60 mins 120 mins
Day 3
9:15-10:15 8.Random Words 15 mins 30 mins
10:45-13:00 9.SpokenNumbers
(3trail:200/300/world record+20%) 200-
seconds 10,15,25
13:00-14:15 Lunch
14:15-15:30 10.Speed Cards
(Two Trails may be in 2 rounds) 5 mins 5 mins

3. About Time Zone
We compete in different time zones. There are 13 countries and regions (competitive sites) now, grouped by time zone as follows:
Countries The time zone
1 The United States UTC/GMT – 4 hours
2 The British UTC/GMT for 1 hour
3 South Korea UTC/GMT + 9 hours
4 Malaysia UTC/GMT + 8 hours
Hong Kong, China
Taiwan, China
Macau, China
5 Vietnam UTC/GMT + 7 hours
6 Pakistan UTC/GMT + 5 hours
7 Rwanda UTC/GMT + 2 hours
Algeria UTC/GMT + 1 hour

1) We will Live Application
Live application plan: we can take Chinese app. Ding Talk into consideration. We have already test it in numbers of countries and regions. The result is good. We can arrange the We can test in all countries and regions uniformly at the end of November 6th.

Ding Talk Software usage process
Open your phone or computer and download the Ding Talk software.

After installation, enter the home page and click the upper left corner is to complete your own information Settings, (Filling in the country and name of yours). And conduct personal real-name authentication.