Italian Memory Championships

The 2016 Italian Open Memory Championships

Adults Open: Robert Reulke -> 49 years (Germany)
Adults Italy: Matteo Cianni -> 28 years
Senjor Open: Soren Damtoft -> 62 years (Denmark)
Kids Open: Tobias Achleitner -> 11 years (Germany)
Kids Italian: Giuseppe Vincenzo Giannopolo -> 12 years
Junior Open: Anne Reulke -> 15 years (Germany)
Junior Italy: Paolo Giancola -> 14 years
Overall Winner Open -> Anne Reulke (Germany)
Italian Championship winner -> Matthew Cianni


There are two divisions for the Italian Memory Championships
– Open division – open to competitors from all over the world
– National Division – For Italian citizens only
Titles are awarded for each division and the events are run around the same time each year in March.
For more information contact your  host  Matteo Salvo

Director of the Italian Memory Sports Council
Delegato Ufficiale del World Memory Sports Council per L’Italia

See current World Rankings for Italian Competitors


2nd Italian Memory Championships – 22nd March, 2014

There were 6 Italian Competitors overall
3 Adults
2 Junior
1 Kids
Congratulations to Mara Brescianini for winning the Italian National Memory Championship with 2159 points
and breaking the Italian record for 5 Minute Historic/Future Dates – 28 dates
and for breaking her own record for 15 minute Abstract Images with a new score of 120 points. 6 Personal Bests in Total
Second place went to Simone Rosati 1273 points – First time at a National Championship and 7 Personal Bests overall
Third place to Junior Gianni Calovi 1175 points – at his first ever championship
The OPEN Division had 12 competitors from 6 Countries 
1 Algeria 
1 Denmark
1 Finland
2 Germany
6 Italy
1 Sweden
Congratulations to Simon REINHARD GMM IGM for winning the overall event with a score of 6503
Also congrats to Boris who scored a personal best 601 digits for 5 Minute Binary. 
Congratulations to Joona Aapeli MARJAKANGAS IMM GMM (4th overall) who represented Finland in a National Competition for the first time whereby setting 5 brand new records and beat 3 of his own records and one other record.
He now holds ALL records for Finland for all current disciplines.
Congratulations to Søren Damtoft for breaking the Danish record for 5 minutes words (38 words) and a personal best in 15 minute numbers (300 digits)
Congratulations to Amir Khaled LOUAAR who achieved 4 personal bests. (5 and 15 minute Numbers, 5 Minute Random Words and Historic/Future Dates)

A HUGE thanks to Phil Chambers for all his amazing support  and to everyone else who supports those who support the event!! Great Job!



1st Italian Memory Championships –  23rd March, 2013

Results for the 2013 National Division

Congrats to Matteo Salvo, Phil Chambers and the team for making the first ever Italian Memory Championships such a success.

Winner was Ms. Mara Bresciani – not only did she compete for the first time, but won the National Event!!

We welcomed to Francesco Fisoni, Dott. Giuliano Migliarini, Matteo Di Cianni and Paolo Carnicelli to the sport of Memory.


Results for the 2013 Open Division

Johannes Mallow WMChampion won overall  – 8523 points

Congrats also to Boris Nikolai Konrad, Florian Minges, Ola Kåre Risa, Jerome Lacroix for achieving new Personal Best total scores

The World Record for 5 minute Binary numbers stood at 930 digits since UK Open 2008 (held by Ben Pridmore GMM) was broken 3 times
Germany Johannes Mallow WMChampion  975 digits
Sweden Jonas Von Essen GMM 962 digits
Norway Ola Kåre Risa GMM  940 digits

(see current World and National Records)

Simon Reinhard GMM was pipped at the post – he set the new world record for 5 Minute Random Words at 118 words.

He was beaten by 1 word when Boris Nikolai Konrad, GMM beat his own world record of 114 words with a score of 119 words.

Johannes Mallow WMChampion set the new World Record for 15 Minute numbers – Was 819 digits held by Ben Pridmore since 2008 – now 912 Digits

Johannes also beat his own World Record for Abstract Images from 434 points to 440 points.

Congratulations to Mara Bresciani and Paolo Carnicelli equaled Italian Record for 5 Minutes Names and Faces

Mara Bresciani set new Italian record for 5 Minute Words – 40 words

Simon Reinhard GMM set a new German Record for 10 Minute cards with a score of 339 cards (6.5 Decks)

Ola Kåre Risa GMM increased his Norwegian record for:
-15 Minute numbers by a impressive 87 digits from 537 to 624 digits
-15 Minute Abstract Images by 59 points – 173 to 232 points
– 5 Minute Binary to 940 digits
– 5 Minute Random words to 66 words
– 5 Minute Numbers to 284 digits
– Spoken Numbers to 100 digits

Jonas Von Essen GMM – smashed his previous Swedish National Record for Binary Digits from 624 digits to 962 digits
– Increased his record for 15 minute numbers to 632 digits

Jerome Lacroix from France became the new  French Record Holder for
– 15 Minute Digits to 110 digits
– 10 minute cards to 93 cards (1+ decks)

and increased his French records for
– 5 Minute Random Words to 32 words
– 15 minute Abstract Images to 130 points
– Speed Cards to 99.93 seconds


The Italian Memory Championships are usually held the last weekend in March and is open to all.

For more information on competing at the event, email