The Arab Memory Championships are taking place on November 5th – 6th in Istanbul organised by Dr Riadh Bensaoucha. The event will be personally supervised by the WMSC Chief Arbiter Phil Chambers.

Contact details:

Telephone 0021367460995

The Mission of the Arabian Memory Championships:
1 – Spreading the culture of memory development:

The culture of mental capacity development will be achieved through training courses and conferences, publications and various media however, a certified group of professional trainers in the discipline of memory, will provide all the powerful tools for training and through Arabian Memory Champions.
2 – Uniting the Arabian countries:

To be a space for the annual meeting of the Arab elite which are distinguished by a very special mental abilities in order to compete for the Arabian title , to consolidate the Arabian communication and to discuss the development of the competitions through the Arabian conferences which will be held for this purpose.
3 – Building elite of Arabian international competitors:

Building capable Arabian elite; able to compete in the World Memory Championships

Disciplines of the Arabian Memory Championship:

1- Names& Faces: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

2- Random Numbers: (Memorization time: 15 minutes) (Recall time: 30 minutes)

3- Random Words: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

4- Historic/Future Dates: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

5- Abstract Images: (Memorization time: 15 minutes) (Recall time: 30 minutes)

6- Speed Numbers: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

7- Binary Digits: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

8- Spoken Numbers: 100 Digits (Recall time: 5 minutes)

– Spoken Numbers: 400 Digits (Recall time: 20 minutes)

9- Speed Cards: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 5 minutes)

10- Random Cards: (Memorization time: 10 minutes) (Recall time: 30 minutes)