A Day to Remember

The 2016 Australian Open Memory Championship powered byMindwerx draws competitors from all over the country to compete to be named as having the best memory in Australia.

As an ‘Open’ national competition the event is open to memory athletes from anywhere in the world.

The competition includes memorizing in ten events:

  1. Names and Faces
  2. Binary Numbers
  3. Random Numbers
  4. Abstract Images
  5. Speed Numbers
  6. Historic / Future Dates
  7. Playing Cards
  8. Random Words
  9. Spoken Numbers
  10. Speed Cards

To learn more about the events and watch instructional videos click here .

The 2016 Championship will be held 19 & 20th of November in Melbourne at the Dimension 5 Hub 10 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne. Australia.

The Championship is open to competitors of all ages from Australia and overseas – international competitors can win the Open, but not the Australian champion title.

Ten events are held over two days with time restrictions. Competitors are awarded points for each event and the winner with the most points is named the champion.

Participants in the Australian Memory Championship can represent Australia at the 25th World Memory Championship in Singapore between 14th and 18th December 2016.