Over the last twenty five years of the Mind Sport of Memory, the publicity surrounding the World Memory Championships, and the achievements of all of our competitors has inspired people of all ages and in all countries, to want to improve their own memories.   As a result, there is now a big demand for certified memory trainers, and arbiters right across the world.

Increasingly people are realising that they need to have better memories to enable them to;

  • Remember everything they are taught at school and college
  • to get better exam results
  • to get top professional qualifications
  • to enjoy better success at work
  • to remember names and faces – and telephone numbers
  • to become a mental athlete and enter memory competitions.
  • to help people, in later life, delay to effects of dementia and enjoy a fruitful old age

As our mission is to spread the benefits of improving memory and mental literacy worldwide and to train all the memory techniques, we are putting out a call to all existing memory trainers and also for people who would like the opportunity to become one.

There is a big opportunity to:

  • Teach memory techniques in schools and colleges
  • To run memory clubs for people of all ages
  • To coach memory competitors
  • To train memory to businesses and organisations
  • To help train older people keep their mental skills fresh
  • To become arbiter for memory competitions
  • To organise memory competitions

To help satisfy the need for memory trainers, we are creating a worldwide database of qualified trainers and we are also offering a training programme to help new trainers to develop their skills and be recognised for their competence.

We are launching training programmes for

A Licensed Master of Memory – demonstrating your knowledge of memory techniques and giving you the skills to run memory clubs

A Licensed Memory Arbiter – with an understanding of how competitions are run and how the ten memory disciplines are marked and scored.  This qualification makes you eligible to work on WMSC memory competitions as a Level One Arbiter.


The Ratification / Awards Committee of the World Memory Sports Council, which numbers amongst its members major world leaders and mind sports champions in key areas of brain fitness. The founders of the World Memory Championships in 1991 head the committee and will be the co-signatories for all certificates.
Ray Keene OBE, International Chess Grandmaster. Co- Founder of WorldMemory Championships
The Ratification/ Awards Committee also includes:
• Dominic O’Brien, 8 times World Memory Champion
• Phil Chambers WMSC Chief Arbiter
• Prof. Michael Crawford, Director, Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human
Nutrition, Imperial College, London
• Dr. Sue Whiting, Former World Women’s Memory Champion
• David Taylor MA, Past Master of the Guild of Educators
• Professor Jackie Eales, Head of Human Resources, Christchurch
University Canterbury
• Prince Marek Kasperski, Australia
• Dr. Manahel Thabet, UAE
• Michael Gelb, USA
• Prince Mohsin Ali Khan, Hyderabad, India
• Dr. Jorge Castaneda Mexico
• Former President of Mexico Dr. Vicente Fox

If you are an existing memory trainer and would like find out more on how to be accredited by the WMSC as an established trainer or if you would like to train and become a Licensed Master of Memory, a Licensed Arbiter, please click on the link below.   CLICK HERE

To qualify, applicants must first contact their local Memory Club or register online.  They will then be contacted by
a registered Arbiter to confirm a test time and then tackle the test in a local venue or online. As the difficulty increases, so will the level of certification. No applicant can take the same test more than once – there can be differing tests at every
level for example with an automatic switch to the next level up once ten tests at one specific level have been completed. It is skill therefore, not familiarity which will be tested. More new tests will constantly be fed into the system.

Your commitment your personal development and gaining these qualifications will be recognised with a prestigious numbered certificate, complete with the official seal of the World Memory Sports Council, and a badge to show your qualification.

Your achievement will also be recognised on the official WMSC website which will include a list of qualifiers and their official certificate number. Only genuine certificate will be shown.

As part of the training programme, which has been prepared by eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien, you will learn:

  • the link system
  • the number/shape system
  • the number/rhyme system
  • the Roman Room system
  • the alphabet system
  • long number memory systems
  • card memory systems
  • systems for the memorisation of dates
  • systems for vocabulary and language
  • systems for names and faces
  • systems for examinations
  • re-remembering what has been “forgotten”
  • dream memory system
  • the Major System
  • the 0 – 99 Matrix
  • the SEM3 System 100 – 10,000

in addition, you will be taught the ten memory disciplines used in memory competitions, how they are managed, marked and scored.

You will also be taught how to set up and run memory clubs for people of all ages.