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Day Two report

With only the final day to go in the 24th World Memory Championships , a Tsunami of new world records has swept across host city Chengdu. The records have poured in under the Overall, Junior and Kids categories of the various disciplines. This is ample proof that the aspirations towards Global Mental Literacy of both the young and the very young are guaranteeing the future of Memory Sport.

After just two days of Competition a staggering 31 world records ‎have been broken. The most impressive was the performance by Shi Bin Bin of China who obliterated Ben Pridmore’s longstanding Marathon card record (1456 cards) by correctly recalling 1612 cards in just one sitting!

The national tally of world records broken is as‎ follows:

China.        15

Mongolia 12

Sweden.      3

USA.               1

Entering the final day’s challenges,Marwin Wallonius (Sweden) continues in individual Gold Medal position‎, while Germany lead in the Team event.

Congratulations and support for the sponsors, organisers, officials and competitors of the 24th WMC are pouring in from around the world.  Messages have inter alia been received from Dr Wang Yiqun of Imperial College London, Dr Manahel Thabet, Dubai and global TV Streamer TV Apex.

Dr Suhail Chugtai of TV Apex has generously and enthusiastically  offered his Television Network for live screening of Friday’s Award Ceremonies.

Meanwhile World Memory Sports Council Members ,Their Serene Highnesses Prince Marek and Princess Petrina Kasperski , on Thursday evening awarded the Prince Leon medal -for meritorious service – to : Dominic O Brien, Phil Chambers, David Zhang, Elaine Colliar and Alexander Keene.

Furthermore,  their Serene Highnesses presented a certificate of Eternal Companionship between the Royal  House of Kasperski (dating from 1306 CE) and Professor Tony Buzan, co founder and President of WMC. In a heartfelt response Professor Buzan stated that it was the greatest ‎Honour he had ever received: “Like being kissed by the Universe. ”

As Professor Buzan’s own Heraldic motto asserts: “Omne Immensum peragravere, Mente Animoque” to which the fitting Kasperski ‎royal and parallel response is : “Fidelitas Supremus Totus praeter Veneratio. ”

And the Games will conclude in a blaze of fresh Mental Power and Achievement on Friday.

Fridays results will bring the moment of truth. Will Sweden and Germany maintain and uphold their individual and  ‎team domination, or is there still time for an outlying rival to intervene and snatch the laurels, in this the most richly endowed WMC ever held?