15 October 2017, Sunday in Hyderabad (India)

Squadron Leader Jayasimha, President, World Memory Sports Council for India announces that the 8th Indian National Open Memory Championships – 2017 will be held on 15th October 2017, Sunday in Hyderabad (India).

This Indian National Memory Championship is open to Indian and Foreign Memory athletes.

The Prize money is Rs 1,00,000/- for the Winner, Rs 50,000/- for the First Runner Up, Rs 25,000/- for the Second Runner Up. The winner will also awarded the title, “The Indian National Memory Champion – 2017”

The Entry Fee for participation will be Rs 5000/-

Those Memory athletes wanting to take part in the Indian Memory Championships -2017 can register by visiting the official website www.nationalmemorycouncilofindia.com or mailing to visionjay@gmail.com or contacting Squadron Leader Jayasimha on +919866018989 or 8498005454, and  for specialized training on taking part in the championship you may visit the website www.jayasimha.in

Mr Phil Chambers, Chief Arbiter of World Memory Sports Council and Mr David Zhang, the President of World Memory Sports Council for Asia- Pacific Region are likely to attend this year’s Indian Memory Championships.

This is to inform all the Indian Memory athletes that participation in Indian National Open Memory Championship is mandatory to take part in the World Memory Championships. From this year, WMSC will not accept any direct registrations. All the competitors are to be recommended by the Indian National Memory Sports Council basing on their National Memory Championship Scores.