To avoid confusion,  the mind sport of memory was invented and created by the founder and originator of the sport, Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene OBE. They created the 10 discipline format of the sport, the competition format, and the rules and regulations surrounding the sport. The ownership of this intellectual property resides with World Memory Championships International Ltd.

WMCI Ltd license the use of its intellectual property to the World Memory Sports Council (WMSC).  The World Memory Sports Council is a not for profit organisation with any funds going towards the management and administration of the sport. It is funded in this work by WMCI Ltd.

Competition results, statistics and the world ranking table, as published by the WMSC are protected by international copyright and may only be used with permission and acknowledgment.

Only individuals who hold a current licence are permitted to use this intellectual property including but not restricted to  WMSC competition format, videos, logos, data, images, photo, and software.

Any individual or organisation who attempts to use WMSC intellectual property without permission will face legal proceedings in the country concerned which may result in proecution and civil penalties.

We invite everyone to help to protect the sport from copyright theft.

Chris Day

General Secretary on behalf of the World Memory Sports Council