The Living memory story from World Memory Championships 

A young Chinese college girl was recommended for admission to a university graduate school. When she entered the university, her score at the university ranked her 400th. She wanted to do much better, so started to train her brain, after learning mind map and memory skills, she got the”International Master of Memory” after 27 day’s of training.

She applied her memory skills to her university studies and lept up from 400 to No.3!

As soon so she came back home, the first thing, she was inspired to do was to teach all her 3 sisters her new memory skills. It changed all their lives for the better.—–At the same time she taught her grandmother the same skills. Her grandmother was 63 years old and never had any formal education. Her grandmother had an old age dream to make her memory get well. She wanted to spend time training her memory, like her granddaughter did. However, When the girls go to school and university, she needed to do daily washing and make meals for them everyday! Only when she finished everything can she practice for the championships, and she is the oldest lady competitor.

Her sisters and her grandmother are now competing in the 24th world memory championships in Chengdu.

Editor:  Qiong Wu   Wenxin Zhang (Aurora)