The 2nd Egypt Memory Championship was held on July 20th, 2016 in Cairo, Egypt, Organized by the Egyptian Academy of Mental Sports, Managed by Mr. Mohamed Gamal the new representative of the Arabian Memory Championship in Egypt.

The Championship was Managed by two Arbiters Level 2, Riadh Bensaoucha and Ahmad Lamine Challa. the Arbiters team was Composed from two Aribiters from outside Egypt (Sudan and Tunisia), and 10 Others Arbiters from Egypt, and All the Arbiters was Trained for the Arbitring job by the Ahmed Lamine Chala the day before the Championship.

The participants in the tournament were as follows:

– 17 Kids, 11 Juniors, 5 Adults.

– 15 Males, 18 Females.

– 6 Old compititors, 27 New Compititors.

With delayed start of the tournament for two hours, but that tournament was at a very good level of organization and the results were as follow:

1- Adults :

– First place: Mohamed RAMADAN, a total of 1381 points

– Second place: Alhoseen ALI, a total of 1269 points

– Third place: Walid A RABIE a total of 733 points

2- Juniors:

– First place: Wesam ELKADY a total of 1327 points

– Second place: Mohamed REZK total of 1061 points

– Third place: Taghreed ELBASIONY a total of 683 points

3- Kids:

– First place: Yomna SHERIF total of 691 points

– Second place: Yasmine OSAMA total of 655 points

– Third place: Aymen ABDELMENEM total of 733 points

The next day of the Championship was for tourism with the Champions of memory in Abdeen Palace in Cairo.