To celebrate the 25th Jubilee Anniversary of the Mind Sport of Memory the World Memory Sports Council is delighted to announce the launch of a new memory training APP. This is being released at this year’s World Memory Championship. It is being offered as a free gift to all competitors to help all competitors to improve their skills.

We would particularly like to thank WMSC China, our Asia Pacific President, David Zhang, Mr Guo Chuanwei, Mr Sam Huang, Mr Li Lei and all their team at Shenzhen Unipad Science and Technology Co Ltd for their hard work and imagination for creating this valuable tool.  The WMSC Memory Training APP is currently in Beta and we are looking for your help in  and giving us your feedback.  Currently the APP can only be used on Android tablets.

The team has spent the last six months building the programme which is unique with all its features. It is the only APP that has been endorsed by WMC founder Tony Buzan and eight times World Memory Champion, Dominic O’brien.

As special additional prizes to  the top competitors at the 2016 WMC, the WMSC Memory Training APP loaded onto a high spec Android tablet, complete with stand, will be presented to the top five competitors in the Kids, Junior and Adults category plus one for the Senior Champion.  These additional prizes are worth £5,000!app-pic-1