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[Guangzhou China, August 25] The 9th Chinese Memory Championships Final and was held in Guangzhou, China, on August 25, 2013. Again the game was on CCTV, China’s central TV station and other important media.

The game, attracting about 200 players from all over China, was also the qualification game for the 22nd World Memory Championships which is to be held in the UK later this year. Yang Guanxin from Guangdong won the adult group champion title with a total score of 1564 points (three events). Ni Ziqiang from Jiangsu Province and Dong Xun from Guangdong won junior group and kid group champions respectively.

The contest was authorized by the Organizing Committee of the World Memory Championships, and hosted by Guangdong New Mind Education. Unlike in previous years, this year’s competition only had three events which were speed cards, speed numbers and random words. Speed cards champion Yang Guanxin took just 44.8 seconds to memorize a full pack of shuffled cards.

Chief arbiter of China Memory Championships, Ms. Zhu Xinqing said, though Chinese mental exercise had a slow start, it met a high standard and rapid rise on the world stage. According to incomplete statistics, China now has 10 million mental sports enthusiasts and more and more Chinese people began to pay attention and participate in this competition. Up to now, out of the 89 Grand Masters, China has 48.

Gothenberg Open Memory Championships

Congratulations to Idriz ‘Minnet’ Zogaj for organising the first Open Memory Championships in Sweden which took place in Gothenberg – the GMO.  In first place, direct from his win at the UK Open – and appearance on BBC TV, was Jonas von Essen; in second place Daniel Anderson and in third, Andreas Bulling.  Jonas broke four national memory records;  95 words; 57 names and faces; 99 historic dates and achieved 44.94 seconds in speed cards.

For full results click here.

UK Open Memory Championships

The winner of the UK Open Memory Championships is Jonas von Essen from Sweden with 7630 Championship points. The UK Memory Champion was Ben Pridmore with 5094. Silver Medalist was James Paterson with 3721 and Bronze Medla was won by Mike Outram with 1723. 

On the following morning, Jonas accompanied by General Secretary Chris Day were on the sofa on BBC Breakfast which was seen by 7 million viewers. Click here to see the full scores and results.

“Almost every time that I memorise the order of a shuffled deck of cards in front of people they become very impressed and wonder how on Earth it can be done.” said Jonas “When I tell them that it is just a matter of learning simple techniques and that anyone can do it they usually just laugh it off. That is a shame, because, even though it may appear hard to believe, memory techniques are something that everyone actually can learn and most likely would have a tremendous use of in everyday life, not to mention in school or at university.”

Hong Kong Memory Championships

The first Hong Kong Open Memory Championships was held on the 28th and 29th of September in 2013 at Kowloon Centre, The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. In two days, mental athletes from around the world will competed against each other in 10 disciplines. Congratulations to overall Champion Mark Anthony Castaneda from the Philippines who won HKD$10,000!Click here for full results.


Italian Memory Championships comes to Rome


The first ever Italian Open Memory Championships took place at Hotel Cicerone Hotel, Via Cicerone, Rome on Saturday March 23rd 2013. In their free time competitors were able to walk the same streets that Cicero used to memorise his speeches in the first century BC. The tournament was dominated by the German team with Johannes Mallow, Simon Reinhard and Boris Konrad in gold, silver and bronze medal positions respectively. Click here for full results.

Congratulations to Matteo Salvo for a fantastically well run event.


Sensational records at the German Memory Championships in Heilbronn.

(July 29, 2012) Johannes Mallow (31) from Magdeburg has the best memory in Germany. He beat last year’s winner Simon Reinhard (33) from Munich, who placed second despite two world records. Mallow achieved new German records in four out of 10 disciplines.

Mallow memorized 443 digits in 5 minutes and 650 cards in perfect order in 30 minutes for the marathon cards discipline. Along with the title “German memory champion”, Mallow also jumped to first place in the memory world ranking list with 8871 points. Boris Konrad (28) from Munich took third place. Anna Lena Fischer (18) was the overall champion in the women division..


Six new records in the adult competition

Simon Reinhard set two new world records. He memorized 1400 numbers within 30 minutes and was able to assign 173 names in 15 minutes to the faces correctly. German women champion Anna Lena Fischer memorized 1320 binary digits (0/1) in 30 minutes.

The new German Junior champion is Konstantin Skudler (13) from Berlin. He was able to reproduce a text with 129 words and punctuation marks correctly in only 10 minutes. Lucy Wegner (12) from Torgelow am See is the new children champion.

Organizer Klaus Kolb and President of the German Memory Sport Council was impressed: “The results were excellent, the German participants will play a decisive role at the next World Memory Championships in London in December this year.”

For more information: MASTERS MEMO, Klaus Kolb, Tel: 07562/91 008,