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Opening of the 2015 World Memory Championships

On Tuesday December fifteen the twenty fourth World Memory Championships were declared open in an impressive three hour ceremony in the giant domed conference centre of the Jintang Hengda hotel. The ceremony featured a Smorgasbord of traditional Chinese Cultural Manifestations such as: Taichi by a Grand Grandmaster of the art; Chinese ballet and operatic dancing; […]

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The secret to improving your memory is technique and self-confidence

World Memory Championships 2015: By Fiona Keating  – International Business Times Reliance on Google for fact-checking and finding basic information has made us forgetful, say scientists. A study has found that people view internet search engines as an extension of their own intelligence, rather than a separate tool. Psychologists Daniel Wegner and Adrian Ward from […]

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What the sport of Memory all about?

The Mind Sport of Memory is both a fun, valuable hobby, as well as an amateur sport. At the fun end of memory, informal competitions take place in Brain Clubs and in other Mind Sport groups taking many different forms. At a competitive level, there are specific disciplines which were created in 1991 by the […]

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Welcome new Council members

As we move into the next 25 years for the Mind Sport of Memory, we are seeking ways to bring the benefits of competitive memory to a far wider audience. Helping us in this quest are our new Council members who, as ambassadors for the Sport, will help to spread the word. We welcome our […]

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WMC 2015 Confirmed Schedule

CONFIRMED SCHEDULE for the 2015 World Memory Championships December 15: Registration and Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony after lunch.    A planned mind sports summit seminar after dinner December 16: Day 1 of Competition 12/16 8:30-9:30 Names & Faces 10:00-12:00 Binary Number 14:30-17:30 One Hour Numbers December 17: Day 2 of Competition 12/17 8:00-9:00 Abstract Images […]

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China Memory Championships

More than 500 people from all over China are competing for the chance to represent their country at the 24th World Memory Championship in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, reports China News Service. Players participating in the competition are required to memorise a sequence of 36 randomly ordered cards, as well as the names and faces of 120 famous […]

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