DAVID ZHANG DSC_9975dThere is no doubt that the fastest growing territory for the Mind Sport of Memory is the Asia Pacific region. The holding of the World Memory Championships in China has inspired a dramatic growth in the number of competitors, memory clubs and memory training organisations.

To better support this growth, the World Memory Sports Council is restructuring the current Asia Memory Sports Council to increase its role in the region, to centralise resources and better support competitors.

The new body will be known as the Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council  and will be headed by David Zhang as President.  David will be responsible for accrediting all training and certification on behalf of the WMSC.

Andy Fong, the President of the Hong Kong Memory Sports Council will continue his regional responsibilities as  the new Vice President of the APMSC.  All National Memory Sports Councils in that territory will be accredited and supported in their activities by the new Council.

To contact David Zhang directly, his email is  davidzhlw@163.com