The 3rd Asia-Pacific Open Memory Championship and the 28th World Memory Championships – Malaysia Qualifying Round 2019 Registration Portal for International and Malaysian is NOW OPEN!

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Date of the competition: 26, 27 and 28 October 2019 (Awards Presentation Ceremony on Oct 28 morning)
Championship Standard: WMSC International Standard (2days Competition)
Venue: Herriot Watt University, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Registration time: 05 August 2019, 9:00AM( Malaysia Time)

The number of competitors is limited and 80 seats allocated for China competitors were fully occupied in just 40 minutes! At present, there are limited seats open for Malaysian and foreign competitors, don’t miss the opportunity to register now!

Once your registration is successful, you will be notified via email by APMC 2019 organizing committee within 7 days (Kindly ensure that your email address is correct). Please follow the instructions in the email to make payment accordingly.

Introducing the NEW Title of Asia Pacific Master of Memory!
This title will be officially commencing at Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships in 2019, Malaysia. Criteria to be Qualified as Asia Pacific Master of Memory (APMM) would be as follow:
1) 700 digits in 30 minutes. 
2) 7 decks of cards in 30 minutes. 
3) 1 deck of cards in 70 seconds or less.
4) 110 words in 15 minutes.
5) 60 names and faces in 15 minutes.
6) 4000 or more cumulative points.
(WMSC International standard)

Competitors who wish to achieve the title of Asia Pacific Master of Memory (APMM) qualifications would be required to compete in all 10 disciplines in the championships and achieve a total of 4000 cumulative points or more, without solely focusing on the Asia Pacific Master’s disciplines.

Let’s gather and challenge at Malaysia and to witness the World’s 2nd largest memory championship and do expand your network of making friends with the top memory athlete in different countries. (Organizer will provide free lunch gathering after awards presentation ceremony on Oct 28)

Malaysia Memory Sports Organization’s Team looking forward to seeing you all there!