1Registration must be completed by December 10, 2021,  the final competitor list will be updated to the official website subject to the registration list.Any competitor without registration will not be recognized as a qualified candidate. (if the competition is delayed due to special reasons, you can apply to the Global chief arbiter, Lester He email: memory- sports@vip.163.com


Register to Compete – Click Here


2Global chief arbiter, Lester Hewill send an Englishversiontest paperstorepresentatives of each national memory sports council On December 11, 2021via email, and representative of each national memory sports council will translate the test papers in their local languages and print them out themselves.


3The competition will begin on December 17, 2021. The competition schedule is shown below:





December 17 th

9: 00 London time

Opening ceremony

December 18 th

Each time zone


December 19 th



December 20 th



December 21 ST

Summarize results


Day 1





1.Abstract Images

15 mins

35 mins


2.Binairy Numbers

30 mins

90 mins






3.Random Numbers(1Hr)

60 mins

150 mins

Day 2





4.Names and Faces

15 mins

35 mins


5.(a)Speed Numbers 1

5 mins

20 mins


6.Historic/Future Dates

5 mins

20 mins






5.(b)Speed Numbers 2

5 mins

20 mins


(cards to be laid out)




7.Random Cards(1Hr)

60 mins

150 mins

Day 3





8.Random Words

15 mins

35 mins


9.Spoken Numbers
(3trails:200/300/world record+20%)








10.Speed Cards
(Two Trails may be in 2 rounds)

5 mins

5 mins


4If the country cannot hold the competition on December 17, 2021 due to the corona epidemic, national representative can send an email to Global chief arbiter, Lester He, and apply to postpone thecompetition. Theoretically, the global final ofthe 30th world memory Championship must be completed before January 30, 2022.


5In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the competition,  a new version of test paper will provided by Global chief arbiter, Lester Heto countrieswho applyfor a deferral.


6representatives from each national memory sports council will need to send the score table to the Global chief arbiter, Lester Hewithin three working days after completion of the competition. Global chief arbiter, Lester Hewillthensummarize the results, and report to Mr. Raymond Keene, President of the world memory Sports Councilbefore January 31, and Mr. Raymond Keene will announce the resultsofficially.



2Precautions and requirementsfor the Competition


1National competition venues must be equipped with twovideocameras and ensure the competition is recorded without dead corners and without interruption.


2All ten disciplines must be recorded during the whole process and the complete video must be retained.


3After recording, you can upload the file to the cloud disk and send the link to: memory- sports@vip.163.com , which will then be downloaded by Global chief arbiter, Lester He.


4International arbiters must keep the original test papers for review and inspection by the Ethics Oversight Committee and the Global Chief Arbiter.


5In order to attain the titles of “IMM, GMM, IGM”, competitors must be seated in the first or second row, evidences including photos of their test papers and videos during the competition are required.


6Last, a promotional film of the 30th world memory championship 2021 will be made by the Global chief arbiter, Lester He. Apart from videos of the competition, videos interviewing international competitors and arbiters with English introductions in text format, as well as videos of some local scenery, culture introducing the country are welcomed.


PS: if you are recording by with your phone, please record the video in landscape mode, set the resolution to 4K and make sure your phone is steady.



3About moral supervision


Considering the peculiarity of the 30th world memory championships, all competitors cannot be gatheredin one country for competition.To ensure the fairness and justice of the competition, respect the efforts of eachmental athletes, hereby introduce the moral supervision procedure below:


1Mr. Dominic O’Brien serves as theInspectorGeneral of the Ethics Oversight Committee. When there is a dispute over anyimmoral acts, the ethics inspector general makes the final decision.


2Each country will be represented by an international arbiter to set up an ethics monitoring team.


3If there is any doubt raisedby arbiters or competitors, three members of the ethics monitoring team(from a different country)would be selected randomly for ethics monitoring. A preliminary judgmentwould be made base on the test papers, answersheetand relevant videos. If more than half of the ethics monitoring team think it is necessary to hold a retest, arbiter and the competitors shall cooperate in such inspection and retest according to the arbiters’ guideline. (if the competitor or the arbiter fails to cooperate in the recheck, the ethics monitoring group and the global chief arbiter have the right to cancel the competitor’s score)


4A retest must be carried under the supervision of ethics monitoring group or the ethics inspector general, the video of the retest shall be retainedand assessed bythe ethics monitoring group according to the arbiters’ guideline. If there is a disagreement on the decision, Mr. Dominic O’Brien shall make the final call.