The 3rd Taiwan Memory Championships, 2017, have rewritten numbers of national record!

The 3rd Taiwan Memory  Championships were the most age range group participated over the past few years. Players come from 8 years old to 73 years old. They are dare to challenge themselves in memory power.

They performance were very good, many players have beyong their own records compare with last year ,

Numbers of Taiwan’s Record are broken, the Memory techniques of Taiwanese are improving, gradually.

The overall top three contestants are:

Chun-Lin Ho,

Jia-Jun Zhang,

Zhong-zheng Wang.


The top three players in the kids division are:

 Ying Nieh,

Jai-You Chien and

Jou-Chin Chiang.

In this competition, Chun-Lin Ho performance was particularly well. He broke few records of Taiwan: Random words, 15-minute numbers,  historical date and events and speed card.

He managed to memorize a deck of random cards in  54.05 seconds and with perfectly recalled. He is the first person who went into less than one minute to memorize a deck of card in Taiwan.