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It has just been announced that the 25th Jubilee World Memory Championships will take place in Singapore on December 14-18

NEW 2015 World Memory Champion Crowned

Alex Mullen photoThe difference between being a World Memory Champion or the runner up was just one second at the 24th World Memory Championships which has just finished  in the in the giant domed conference centre of the Jintang Hengda hotel in China. Alex Mullen became the first USA World Memory Champion when the final speed card replay between himself and continual front runner Marwin Wallonius of Sweden went down to the final second. Mullen pulled off an incredible twenty one seconds to sprint past Wallonius and seize the title.

Mullen, a second-year medical student, is a memory athlete, a world-ranked contestant who has every right to crow about his powers of recall; instead, he says: You can do it, too. “Everybody has this ability built in,” said Mullen, 22, “even though most people will tell you they don’t have a great memory. I didn’t either.”  He didn’t, he said, until discovering as a college sophomore “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Joshua Foer. Subtitled “The Art and Science of Remembering Everything,” the book describes the world of competitive memorization.

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Royalty and academics endorse the World Memory Sports Council


The work of the World Memory Sports Council goes far beyond the organising of the annual World Memory Championships. Since the birth of the sport in 1991, the big vision of the council, led by its founding fathers Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene OBE,  has been to promote the benefits of mental sports and mental literacy to a new generation.  This work has now been endorsed and supported by a growing number of leading academics, prominent figures, business leaders and Royal patrons, who have now been co-opted onto the World Memory Sports Council. These include:

Prince Mohsin Ali Khan of Hyderabad;  Lord Hardinge of Penshurst  (the Godson of Her Majesty the Queen);  Professor HSH-Prince-Marek-Kasperski-and-HSH-Princess-Petrina-Mikayla-KasperskiMichael Crawford recent recipient of the order of the rising sun 2015 from the Emperor of Japan; Prof Jackie Eales;  Dr Jorge Castaneda; Dom Luis Miguel Jardim;  David Zhang;  Cllr Frances Stainton; Dr Manahel Thabet (Brain Trust brain of the year 2015); Claudia Castaneda; Alexander Keene MA; and most recently, Prince Marek Kasperski and Princess Petrina Kasperski  of the Ancient Royal Family of Poland have most graciously consented to become The Royal Patrons of The World Memory Championships. Our two new Royal Patrons will be attending the twenty fourth World Memory Championships in Chengdu, China as guests of the Global Rights Holders World Memory Championships International.

Manahel-tonyAlthough the Royal line in Poland is no longer recognised in that country, it is formally recognised by the European Union and their rights to use their ancient titles has been confirmed in the European Court. We are honoured to have them as patrons of the Mind Sport of Memory and we welcome them to join us in China.

Prince Marek, who now lives in Australia, currently relaunching the legendary magazine about the brain and mental literacy, Synapsia – once edited by Tomichael-gelb-for-webny Buzan.

STOP PRESS: From the USA, Michael Gelb the world expert on Leonardo da Vinci and the President of the Brain Trust Charity in America, has also agreed to join the WMSC. A formidable line-up!

We are further delighted to announce that Mr Guo Chuangwei and Ms Sophie Huang have today  been promoted to be  international Level 2 arbiters.

Mr Guo Chuangwei and Ms Sophie Huang have  already become the leaders of China’s arbiter team as the organizer at the 19th WMC in 2010. Since then, both Mr Guo Chuangwei and Ms Sophie Huang continued to work as the major Leadership team of China’s arbiter team during the 20th WMC in 2011 and the 23rd WMC in 2014.

Mr. Guo was awarded the title of Grand Master of Memory in Bahrain as early as 2007. Ms Sophie Huang also accomplished the dedicated work, along with Any Fong and Angel Lai, of translating the whole Arbiter Handbook into Chinese. Both of them have made great and significant contributions to promote Mind Sports  in China. We must also recognised the immense work that Gaby Kappus and her team have done in completely updating the Arbiters Manual.

Finally our congratulations to Andy Fong our President for Asia and Angel Lai, both senior level four arbiters, who have performed such a magnificent job in supporting our imminent 24th World Memory Championship in Chengdu.

Ray Keene
Officer of the British Empire
Co Founder and Director
World Memory Championships

This website is run by the World Memory Sports Council the governing body for the Mind Sport of Memory worldwide on behalf of the World Memory Championships International Ltd.