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World Memory Championships 2015 Registration Announcement

Dear Memory Athletes,

There have been a number of questions regarding the registration for the 24th World Memory Championship 2015 in Chengdu that we would now like to clarify:

  1. We are delighted to confirm that we have located the best ever venue for the World Memory Championships and the competition dates have now been fixed. Please excuse any inconvenience that the timing of this announcement may have caused.
  2. The 24th World Memory Championship also has record high prize money. We therefore expect a commensurately high number of registrations. We want to attract the best active Memory Athletes, including the best juniors and seniors. We also wish to ensure that the maximum number of active countries are represented.
  3. Therefore, the registration process will take place in two more stages: Next stage runs until 31 October 2015. Please note that China will have their own qualifier, so if you are Chinese please take that qualifier route. Taking this exception into account, people eligible to register right now via the WMSC are:
    • The top 50 of active athletes: To see if you are among those top 50, please check the pdf-document “I. Top 50” . An athlete is considered “active” if he or she has taken part in at least one ranked tournament since (and including) the WMC 2013.
    • 5 spots for inactive athletes: This is aimed to encourage comebacks and works on a first come, first served basis. Furthermore, in special cases, for example extraordinary past achievements, the World Memory Sports Council also reserves the right to award a wild card at its own discretion to an inactive come-back Memory Athlete.
    • The top 3 of each active country or region: To see if you are among those top 3, please check the pdf-document “II. Top 3 per country or region” .
    • The top 5 in the Kids, Juniors and Seniors categories: To see if you are among those top 5, please check the pdf-document “III. Top 5: Kids, Juniors, Seniors” . Note: Please first check the pdf-documents “I. Top 50” and “II. Top 3 per country” to see if your name is on those lists.
  4. It is simple: If you are on one of the three lists, you can register right now and have time to fully register and pay until 31 October 2015. Note that the lists are mutually exclusive: If you are already qualified by being in the active top 50, you will not be part of the top 3 per country or region. The same applies for the top 5 of kids, juniors and seniors. You will find a detailed explanation of the conditions in the footnotes of each list. If you are not on the three lists but think you should be, please immediately contact the WMSC for further clarification.
  5. Please note that only registrations with full payment will be accepted as valid. Until 31 October we will regularly publish a list of all valid registrations.
  6. After 31 October 2015 we will immediately announce if we can accept further registrations.

Kindest regards,

World Memory Sports Council.

World Memory Championships 2015

We are happy to announce that the 24th World Memory Championship will be again hosted in China from December 16th to 18th. The venue will be at Jintang Hengda Hotel in Chengdu, Sichuan. For more information, please click here.


UK Open Memory Championships 2015


Click on photo to see gallery of pictures from the competition.

Click here to view the  UK OPEN FINAL RESULTS

The editor of Guinness World Records, Craig Glenday and his team visited the UK Open Memory Championships and met founders Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene along with Chief Arbiter Phil Chambers and Head of Ethics Dominic O’Brien, eight times World Memory Champion.  Guinness now recognise the World Memory Sports Council as their official partner to endorse all Memory Records worldwide. This means that all Memory World Records achieved in our official competitions will be also be recognised as Guinness World Records. guinness group optimised

Jonas von Essen crowned as 2014 World Memory Champion

IMG_2661 IMG_2656 Jonas von Essen from Sweden defended his World Memory Champion title with 8189 Championships points in the 23rd World Memory Championships, which took place over the three days of Thursday December 11th to Saturday December 13th in the Baohua Harbourview Hotel, Haikou, China. Simon Reinhard from Germany won the Silver Medal with 7118 and Sengesamdan Ulziihkutag won the Bronze Medal with 6710. A record 169 Mental Athletes from 19 countries arrived in Haikou for the 23rd World Memory Championships. These countries include Algeria, Denmark, England, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philppines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Sweden including the World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen, and the host country China. During these three days, athletes competed against each other over 10 disciplines: Names and Faces, Binary Numbers, Hour Numbers, Abstract Images, Speed Numbers, Historic Dates, Hour Cards, Random Words, Spoken Numbers, and Speed Cards. This year, a new kids world record in Hour Cards is created by a 11-year-old boy, Chen Zeqi. He memorized 15 decks of playing cards in one hour. Country Ranking:


To view all the scores by points click here – http://www.world-memory-statistics.com/competition.php?id=wmc2014

New National Memory Sports Councils

nmscIMG_2624 Please contact our Deputy General Secretary, Angel Lai, if you would like to get in touch with any of the National Memory Sports Council.

WMSC Announcement

To the worldwide Community of Memory Sports: The World Memory Sports Council hereby invites applications for confirmation or appointment of all National Memory Sports Councils (NMSC) 1)  To be appointed or reappointed as National Memory Sports Council for any particular nation, applicants must obtain the approval by WMSC and confirmation by the WMC rights holders – namely Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene OBE. 2)        The NMSC has the power of decision as to who should stage the national memory championship, though not necessarily the obligation to organise. The task is to make sure it is organised. 3)        The licence is for a five year period after one year of probation. 4)        The NMSC has the overriding obligation to nurture memory sport, via events, publicity, publications, media, press and all other forms, liaison with and identification of sponsors, co-operation with like-minded educational groups and government channels where applicable, see also 8) below. 5)        The obligation to advise and help other memory groups in the region, especially start up organisations. 6)        To uphold the authority of WMSC and seek to make sure that all memory events are properly affiliated and if possible officially ranked. 7)        To protect and defend the integrity of WMSC personal titles and events and to liaise closely with WMSC at all times. 8)        The task of seeking new sponsors and/or government support for memory events, in particular the World Memory Championship itself. 9)        To demonstrate neutrality as the NMSC and to avoid using the position and honour simply to disadvantage other memory sport groups and to ensure that inappropriate rivalities amongst competing commercial interests do not damage the sport. 10)     Applications must be received by email to Raymond Keene OBE by November 30 2014 latest to rdkobe@aol.com. Please click here for the full document.


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