Distinguished Sir Raymond Keene and Coaches

Greetings! During our preparatory work for the coming Global Finals of the 28th World Memory Championships in Wuhan, China, we noticed that some of the foreign competitors cannot enter People’s Republic of China without an official invitation issued by the Chinese government. Competitors from the following countries:

1. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,

2. The Republic of Azerbaijan,

3. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan,

4. The Republic of Kazakhstan,

5. The Islamic Republic of Iran,

6. The Republic of Kyrgyzstan,

7. The Republic of Tajikistan,

8. The Republic of Turkey,

9. The Republic of Uzbekistan,

10. The Syrian Arab Republic,

11. Yemen Republic,

12. The Republic of Iraq,

13. State of Libya,

14. The Republic of Mali,

15. People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria,

16. The Republic of South Sudan,

17. The Federal Republic of Nigeria,

18. The Federal Republic of Somalia,

19. The Republic of Tunisia,

20. The Republic of Lebanon,

21. The Republic of Ghana,

22. The Republic of Kenya,

23. The Republic of Cameroon,

24. The Republic of Chad,

25. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh,

26. The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,

27. The Republic of Congo

They need to send us their information including flights, hotels, passports (with photos of it), dispatch letters in both Chinese and English (an official seal belonged to an organization or a company is required), and itinerary in China to our Email haijingedu@163.com , so that we can apply for government invitation letters for helping their visa.

Best wishes

Secretariat of China Organizing Committee for World Memory